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Supernatural Fan-Favorite Reminisces About Her Time On The Show - Exclusive

Ask any actor who's been on the long-running CW show Supernatural what the series means to them, and they'll probably tell you that the series and its fandom changed their life in some way. With one of the most passionate and charitable fanbases in TV history, the cast refers to their base (and each other) as the "Supernatural family" — and they mean it.

After 15 seasons of hunting monsters, demons, and stopping the pesky apocalypse, Supernatural takes its final bow on Thursday, November 19, 2020. But while the show may be ending, the memories both on and off the screen will last a lifetime for fans, writers, and the series' cast and crew. Everyone involved with Supernatural is currently strolling down memory lane in a 67 Chevy Impala — including Loretta Devine.

When Devine stepped into her role as Missouri Moseley way back in season 1, the actress had no clue the series would blow up this way — no one did. Yet in one short episode, and a deadly reprisal later in 2017, Devine made her mark on Supernatural. Her character is responsible for unveiling John Winchester's backstory and reuniting the brothers with a less-than-corporeal version of their mom.

Looper sat down with Devine for an exclusive interview for her new film, Spell, during which she reminisced about her time on Supernatural and what it was like watching Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) grow up on screen.

The Supernatural family will never die (unlike the characters)

With creepy, abandoned asylums and battles with the undead, working on a show like Supernatural is not for the faint of heart. Speaking with Looper, Devine recalled the terrifying experience she had working on her first episode, "Home." She explained, "That was at the start of my career. I got that job on Supernatural, and I have never been so afraid in my life. It was raining in Toronto. It rained the whole time I was there." To make matters worse, as Devine told us, "They had dresses flying across the room at you, and things were on fire. It just seemed too real. It was so scary." 

Devine then joked that she almost abandoned the role because the haunting in "Home" felt so real. "I asked my agent to get out of it. I shouldn't say that. They've been going [for 15] years. I [would never] have had to look for a job again as long as I lived," she laughed. "See, you just don't know. There's no way to know."

Even after over a decade on the air, Devine noted that Supernatural fans were still as passionate in 2017 as they were when she filmed her debut episode in 2005. "You know what was amazing? When I came back, they still had people standing across the street, just fans," she recalled. "They'd been coming for years, I guess. That was amazing to me. They were standing just to watch, to watch them film. That was just..." Devine couldn't find the words to express the incredible experience. 

A few apocalypses ago

Though some things haven't changed, 15 years is a long time to spend on one show — and Devine noted the growth in Supernatural leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. "Those little boys grew up on that show. They were babies. Now they have grown, well, not grown kids, but [growing] kids," said Devine. "They met their wives on the show and everything — that is just so wonderful, in a way."

While both stars met their spouses during the duration of the series, Padalecki met his wife Genevieve on the show itself. She played Sam's demon love interest Ruby in season 4, later coming back to play herself in the season 6 episode "The French Mistake," where the show breaks the fourth wall in a significant way. The episode thrusts the brothers (and Misha Collins' Castiel) in an alternate universe where they're actors on a show called — you guessed it – Supernatural. It's not exactly subtle. 

Ackles may not have met his wife Danneel on the series, but she got her own slice of Supernatural heaven in season 13. Writers created a role for her as the angel Anael, known on the streets as faith healer Sister Jo. 

One last ride

In her initial episode, Devine worked on a slew of comedic scenes with Ackles and a heartbreaking sequence with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) that came at the episode's close. On working with the talented actors, Devine said, "Oh my God, it was just a great experience. That's all I can say. It seemed like it happened in another world. It's been so long ago, in a way, with everything else that's going on here in 2020." It's only fitting to close out the year of what feels like the actual apocalypse with the series finale of a show that's been bringing fans the fictional apocalypse since 2005.

Order some food from your favorite local diner and grab a Zeppelin mixtape STAT, because the two-hour series finale of Supernatural airs on Thursday, November 19, 2020. Based on the trailers, it appears that the first hour will look back on the series' most iconic moments, with interviews and a sendoff from the actors; then, the actual finale episode will air.

While fans are waiting for the Supernatural series finale to (probably) break their hearts, they can check out Loretta Devine's new film Spell, available on VOD now.