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Zack Snyder Has A Justice League 2 Plan In Place

Despite coming out in 2017 and receiving mostly negative reviewsJustice League has remained firmly in the cinematic superhero zeitgeist. For years, fans have clamored for the mythical Snyder Cut of the film to be released. (For those of you not in the know, director Zack Snyder had to leave Justice League partway through production due to a family tragedy, and fans have believed his version of what the film was supposed to be never actually came to fruition.) That's all set to change in 2021, when Zack Snyder's Justice League will debut on the HBO Max streaming service as a four-part miniseries.

Reports indicate that Snyder is being given up to $70 million to conduct rumored reshoots and to finish visual effects for his director's cut, making Justice League as a whole one of the most expensive films ever made. Obviously, there's a lot of faith Snyder's film will result in big profits for HBO Max for that kind of money to be in play. In the event the Snyder Cut proves fruitful for its parent companies, it begs the question: Could Snyder end up making Justice League 2

Nothing official about a theoretical Justice League sequel has come out yet, but that apparently hasn't stopped Snyder from ruminating on where this story could go if he's handed back the keys to the kingdom. 

Zack Snyder has an idea for a Justice League sequel, and it involves Darkseid

Snyder recently sat down for an interview with The Nerd Queens for the YouTube channel's "League of Mayhem" stream. The conversation spanned most of Snyder's movies, but, of course, you can't talk with him these days without bringing up his future with Justice League. During the discussion, Snyder was asked if he has any ideas for what direction a potential Justice League 2 could go in, and he responded with a tease sure to make fans smile.

"If you said to any of the actors in the movie, 'Well, what happens in the sequel?' or 'What happens later?' ... they're like, 'Well, I got the script and it's cool,'" Snyder began, discussing the fact that a lot of the time, actors don't know what the right response is to those types of questions. "[Darkseid actor Ray Porter] and I were talking about this and [discussing] what's cool and what's the right response to some questions. It's a fair question to ask me. What do I say to the world about what happens when Darkseid comes to Earth? Then what? Is that a thing? The truth is, did I write and did I have and conceive of a complete [story]? Do I know what happens when Darkseid [comes to Earth]? Yes."

He concluded, "My point is only that to say and to speculate about what that is and that that would be exciting, I think that's a fine thing."

It's a cryptic response, but it does suggest that Snyder already has ideas in place if a sequel ever comes to fruition. Snyder originally planned to have a five-movie arc in the DC Extended Universe that began with Man of Steel and would consist of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, Justice League 2, and an unknown final movie. With Snyder finally able to get his version of Justice League to the masses, it would certainly allow him to set up the plot points needed to complete whatever story lines he had in mind originally.

In fact, creating Zack Snyder's Justice League for HBO Max will allow the director the chance to tell a more expansive story that lasts for four hours as opposed to two and a half. Jared Leto is reprising his role as Joker for the Snyder Cut, despite not being involved with the original Justice League at all. Joe Manganiello's back as Deathstroke in some capacity, and Iris West will have her original role restored. We don't know if Justice League 2 will ever get off the ground, but for the time being, it seems like Snyder's dead-set on giving his director's cut everything he can to make comic book movie fans proud.