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American Horror Story: Roanoke Promo Teases Big Twist

Contains spoilers for American Horror Story season 6

If you've been keeping up with American Horror Story: Roanoke, you were probably shocked by the fifth episode. And it probably wasn't because of any of the gruesome moments (of which there were many), but because the storyline seemed to come to a tidy conclusion with six episodes remaining. But the promo for the sixth episode reveals that it's all just part of a meta twist.

Season 6 is set up like a "true crime" TV show with Lily Rabe, Andre Holland, and Adina Porter as the "real" people behind the ghost story and Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Angela Basset as the actors who portray them in "dramatic re-enactments." While definitely a cool approach, it also made it difficult to feel like the characters were in all that much danger because the real people involved obviously survived to appear during the fictional show's interview segments.

In the new promo, we finally see Cheyenne Jackson's character, and he seems to be a producer for the show within the show. It's likely that his crew will venture to the Roanoke house and pick up the story from there. What isn't clear yet, however, is whether or not that means we've seen the last of the "actors" and actual survivors or if they'll join the crew to shoot more scenes. Either way, it opens a whole new set of doors for Season 6.

Meanwhile, FX recently renewed AHS for a seventh season, and showrunner Ryan Murphy says he's got an unannounced "secret" season in the works.