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The Tara Moments That Make Sons Of Anarchy Fans Love Her Even More

Tara Knowles, played by Maggie Siff, is a controversial character on Sons of Anarchy. Fans who dislike Tara really dislike her. Fans who love Tara will defend her to the death, and there are a lot of fans who love the SAMCRO First Lady (or Second Lady, depending on what part of the show we're talking about).

Like it or not, Tara is easily one of the strongest people on the show. She deals with trial after trial and tribulation after tribulation, and through it all, she keeps doing what she believes is right. She doesn't flinch in the face of danger, and will do whatever she can to protect the ones she loves. She's likewise one of the more diverse characters: Sometimes, Tara's an upstanding citizen. Other times, she's all in with the club or is pulling some shady stuff. Regardless, Tara's a survivor — well, most of the time.

There are a lot of Tara Knowles moments that really drive the character home. They span the her entire time on Sons of Anarchy and come in many different forms. When Redditor u/CuriousArcherLove asked the Sons of Anarchy subreddit what their favorite "Tara moments" were, fans were quick to respond with the ones they loved most.

It's all about the look — and the wit

When Tara gives a "look," it has a way of striking fans right in the feels. Sometimes it's comical, other times it's gentle, and, on occasion, it's badass. One fan, u/Munchkinpea, on the Sons of Anarchy subreddit pointed out the heartwarming look Tara gives Gemma (Katey Sagal) during a season 2 episode when Gemma's telling Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay (Ron Perlman) about her sexual assault at the hands of the Aryans for the first time. "Tara smiles at her in support and encouragement," the Redditor wrote.

Another fan's favorite Tara moment was a look that took a whole different direction. The scene, which also takes place on season 2, happens immediately after a confrontation between Tara and Ima (Kristen Renton), a Cara Cara adult film worker who has the hots for Tara's man. "She and Jax were in the Cara Cara restroom doing their thing and Ima walked in on them. The look Tara gave Ima was awesome!" The character was clearly "claiming her territory," so to speak.

Though it isn't exactly a look, Tara's snarky remarks toward Ima inspired at least one fan's favorite moment. After Donna's (Sprague Grayden) death, Opie (Ryan Hurst) finds love again and gets remarried to Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli). Ima seduces Opie in a moment of marital distress. Tara catches Ima on her way out of the clubhouse, Ima pulls out a gun when Lyla attacks her, and Tara gets snarky about the whole situation. 

"Always loved the venom she spits at Ima," commented Reddit user u/500Republica, "as she's leaving the clubhouse after spending the night with Opie. 'Keep that .38 close, b****.'"

Getting real with Jax

Jax Teller, as we all know, has had his share of ups and downs. Often, he tries to do the right thing but makes the wrong decision anyway. Of course, this has a way of causing turmoil within his and Tara's relationship, but sometimes, the relationship is exactly what he needs to get his head back on straight. At one point, Tara gets real with Jax about his failed attempts to change SAMCRO — not exactly an easy subject to bring up — and some fans think it's the best Tara moment on the show.

Redditor u/supertrouper211 said their favorite Tara moment is the one from season 2 when "she tells Jax that he can't keep repeating the same violent behaviour and expecting different results in terms of changing the club. While everyone else was just like, oh Jax is the best for wanting more."

Up to that point — and, let's be real, after that point — Jax's default for saving the club usually comes down to an act of violence whether he wants it to or not. Though Tara doesn't exactly change Jax's nature with that one talk, she has the gall to bring the issue to Jax face-to-face — something most of the other characters wouldn't do.

Willing to die for her kids

One of the Tara moments that shines the brightest would have to be her confrontation with Jax shortly before her death at the end of season 6 — the same episode, actually. Tara packs up the kids and takes off instead of going through on a deal with the D.A. She doesn't make it very far before Jax and the gang catch up to her, and the confrontation between the couple is one of the most prominent moments mentioned by fans in the Sons of Anarchy subreddit.

User u/supertrouper211 said one of their two favorite Tara moments is "the park scene when Jax finds her on the lam." They add, "I love that she doesn't back down. She doesn't change her mind or beg or anything. She's okay with dying for [her] kids, and she's okay with Jax doing it. It's the kind of strength she never got credit for, but is character defining."

U/CuriousArcherLove agreed, saying, "I loved all of Tara's season 6 moment[s] but that scene on the bench is so d*mn powerful! I think that scene is when Maggie truly shines as an actress!"

The moment also shows Jax becoming aware of his behavior, and, later, sacrificing himself to the law in order to get legal charges dropped against Tara. So, luckily, Tara doesn't have to die in the scene. Unluckily, the later parts of the episode aren't as forgiving.

An accomplice to murder

Tara has been involved with more than one killing throughout her time on Sons of Anarchy, which still leaves her kill count far lower than the rest of the cast. One thing that makes the Tara-involved killings different than the rest is that the victims definitely had it coming. Who would've thought murder would cause fans to love her more?

The first killing was in self-defense, and Reddit suer u/TywinShitsGold was happy to see the victim, Josh Kohn (Jay Karnes), off the show for good. Josh Kohn, if you don't remember, was Tara's abusive ex-boyfriend, a federal agent with the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), and one of the main reasons why she ran back to Charming, California. Kohn tracks Tara down despite the move and ends up breaking into her house, essentially holding her hostage while trying to talk or scare her back into a relationship. Tara has to tiptoe around her words until she presses the right buttons that put Kohn's guard down and saves her life. Then, she pops one into his gut from his own gun. Jax finishes him off, so Tara's hands don't get too dirty.

Another fan's favorite moment happened on season 4. "My favorite Tara moment has to be when she hands Jax the syringe to kill Clay after he read the letters from JT," commented u/juanchavez101. This one is only an attempted killing, since Clay doesn't die until right near the end of the series. Jax had just learned the truth about Clay, and Tara was ready and willing to put an end to his tyranny once and for all, like the badass she is.