How We Could See Hazel Return On The Umbrella Academy Season 3

Netflix's The Umbrella Academy is an adaptation of the graphic novel series written by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá, about a dysfunctional family of adoptive siblings born with unique superpowers, who must get over their personal issues to save the world from an upcoming mysterious apocalypse. Starring the likes of Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, and Emmy Raver-Lampman, the show has had two seasons so far, with a third reportedly on its way

One highlight of the first season is the pair of characters named Hazel and Cha-Cha (played by Mary J. Blige and Cameron Britton), two time-traveling assassins sent by an organization named the Commission to supposedly maintain the timeline. When season 2 finds the Hargreeves siblings in the 1960s, Hazel makes a short appearance at the beginning to give Five (Aidan Gallagher) a warning about another apocalypse following them through time. He doesn't survive long after that, and Cha-Cha's long gone.

By the end of The Umbrella Academy season 2, the Hargreeves siblings are back in the present, but in a whole new reality with the Sparrow Academy, a revived Ben (Justin H. Min), and who knows what other changes. The world of The Umbrella Academy is always shifting — as the season 2 finale showcases — and there's still a possibility that audiences might see Hazel once again. 

In an interview with, Britton directly addressed just how he might be able to return as Hazel in the future.

Hazel could show up in the new timeline

Given how The Umbrella Academy season 2 ends, there's no telling what the Hargreeves will discover in the new timeline. During his interview, Britton spoke about if he'd be willing to return if the opportunity came up. In response, he said, "I'm always trusting of whatever [showrunner] Steve Blackman is going to do with these folks." If Hazel is a part of whatever Blackman has planned, Britton said he "would love to be back." 

Even though Five sees Hazel die in the 1960s, the season 2 finale proves that this doesn't necessarily mean he's gone. At the end of season 2, Ben finally passes on — but just when the family starts to properly grieve, they're met with the face of their brother, alive and well, though not quite the brother they know. On top of that, the Handler (Kate Walsh) returns on season 2 after what seems like certain death — though hopefully the second one will stick. Taking all of that into consideration, perhaps Hazel will also pop up in a surprising place on season 3, even if it's not as the zany time-traveling assassin

With Netflix's recent habit of cancelling hit shows, The Umbrella Academy surprisingly appears to be surviving for another season, though it's not officially confirmed yet by the streamer. The future of The Umbrella Academy remains somewhat up in the air, but the possibility of Hazel's return is wonderful and hopeful news for fans.