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Wolverine 3: Logan Villain Revealed

Although most super-villains find out the hard way, it's pretty difficult to take down Wolverine. But it looks like producers of the upcoming Logan (previously known as Wolverine 3) have found a formidable opponent for him in Hugh Jackman's final turn as the iconic comic book character.

After months of secrecy, director James Mangold and 20th Century Fox have finally begun to reveal details about the flick, and a new photo of actor Boyd Holbrook (via Collider) hints that Wolverine will face off against Marvel villain Donald Pierce.First introduced in a 1980 edition of Uncanny X-Men, Pierce is a mutant-hating cyborg who joined the Hellfire Club only to kill all the other members of the Inner Circle. He later creates the Reavers, a team of cyborg criminals built to exterminate mutants–especially the X-Men. He has four artificial limbs that give him superhuman strength and make him difficult to kill, which is something Wolverine can surely relate to.

While we don't know much more about the character's involvement in Logan, the photo definitely shares the same post-apocalyptic tone of everything else we've seen from the movie so far. It's rumored to be based on the 2008 comic Old Man Logan, in which an older Wolverine struggles with his fading abilities, and Jackman recently said the film we be "very different in tone" from previous X-Men movies.

Producer Bryan Singer also previously confirmed that Mister Sinister will appear in Logan, which means Wolverine could have his hands full. And it doesn't look like Professor X will be much help, either.

Logan arrives in theaters March 3, 2017. Meanwhile, check out the official poster and the dark side of the X-Men you never knew about.