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What Happened To The Cast Of Pacific Blue?

From 1996 through 2000, millions of people followed the adventures of a fictional group of bike cops on Pacific Blue. On this pulse-pounding series, the bike cop unit of the Los Angeles Police Department deals with high-stakes crimes all along the Santa Monica coastline. Sure, some of the cases they investigate probably wouldn't be handled by bike cops in real life, but these situations are usually explained away as exceptional incidents (despite the fact that they seem to be the rule rather than the exception) or excused by their sheer coolness. The sunny setting, contrasted with suspenseful personal drama between the characters, kept audiences watching from week to week.

It's been two decades since the final episode of Pacific Blue aired, and you might be wondering what your favorite bike cops have been up to since the series finale faded to black. While some have chosen to retire from acting, others are still hard at work in Hollywood. Here's where the dedicated officers of Pacific Blue have ended up, after leaving the beach patrol.

Jim Davidson is lying low

Jim Davidson starred on Pacific Blue as T.C. Callaway, who is a leader within the unit. Although he's often put in charge of making big decisions and many look to him for guidance, he struggles with his own demons throughout the series. Callaway often puts himself in dangerous situations in order to catch criminals. His own welfare doesn't matter to him — it's all about doing what's good for everyone.

Although Davidson became well known for his major role on Pacific Blue, he only continued acting for a few more years after the series wrapped up. He had a small role on 18 Wheels of Justice, and later landed a guest spot on The Bold and the Beautiful. He also had a recurring role as Alonzo Baptiste on Guiding Light until 2007. Davidson has not acted since. However, he's not totally gone from Hollywood: In 2009, he produced the baseball documentary Faded Glory. As of right now, it looks as though Davidson has retired from acting — but fans won't forget his performance as Callaway any time soon.

Paula Trickey is working on a mystery film

On Pacific Blue, Cory McNamara always makes it clear that if you are on the beach, you are better off not messing with her. Despite her tough exterior, she does have a sense of humor — but as the Sergeant, she absolutely does not have time for nonsense on the force.

McNamara was played by Paula Trickey, who landed a guest role on Walker, Texas Ranger shortly after Pacific Blue wrapped up. Later, she went on to play Veronica Townsend on The O.C. Over the years, Trickey has appeared in several TV movies, including Betrayed at 17 and The Cheating Pact. Her most recent role was in the movie The Christmas Trap, which she also co-produced.

In addition to acting, Trickey loves playing golf, and makes a point of playing in charity tournaments whenever the opportunity arises. She is also an animal lover, with two rescue dogs and "a number of other critters" in her happy home.

Darlene Vogel is passionate about animal welfare

Chris Kelly, played by Darlene Vogel, works in public relations for the city of Santa Monica before she becomes a bike cop. But once she joins the crew, she proves that she is just as adept at police work as she is at PR. She eventually falls in love with Jim Davidson, and the two get married in season four.

Once her time on Pacific Blue was over, Vogel continued working in TV. She landed a guest role as Claire Lindquist on General Hospital, and then went on to play Patty Farmer on Beyond the Break. She has also appeared in several films, including the drama Walking the Halls, the thriller Extracurricular Activities, and the comedy The Wedding Year. Most recently, she played Georgia in the TV movie Smuggling in Suburbia

Acting isn't Vogel's only passion — she also cares deeply about animal welfare. When she isn't on set, she's busy supporting animal rescue organizations and encouraging people to adopt animals in need. 

Marcos A. Ferraez became a father

For the first three seasons of Pacific Blue, Marcos A. Ferraez played Victor del Toro. Del Toro knows every corner of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, and his first-hand knowledge of the problems facing the area are an asset to the crew. Shockingly, he eventually turns in his badge after experiencing a devastating loss.

After leaving Pacific Blue, Ferraez landed bit parts on various TV shows. In 2008, he began playing Agent Estevez on FX's popular crime drama, Sons of Anarchy.  In addition to acting, Ferraez has tried his hand at writing, directing, producing, and editing, so these days, you can find him working behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. He wrote, directed, edited, and acted in the short film Fxxxen Americans, and also wrote and appeared in the short film Atonal. Ferraez also directed the comedic drama Eiderdown Goose.

Ferraez has enjoyed some exciting developments in his personal life as well. In 2005, Ferraez married actress Alona Tal, and in 2017, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Charlie.

Rick Rossovich moved to Sweden

Rick Rossovich played Lt. Anthony Palermo, who always prefers to solve problems without turning to violence. He is portrayed as a hard worker who truly cares about his subordinates.

Rossovich is still acting occasionally today, but he prefers spending time with his family to hustling for roles. After marrying Eva Rossovich, the couple eventually relocated to Sweden with their children, where she is originally from. Rossovich has no desire to return to Hollywood full-time. "I've had a really great marriage and kids. I've saved my money and invested. I can do what I want," Rossovich told We Got This Covered. "I guess that's a blessing and a curse. It takes away some of your drive to go out and be a workaholic."

Despite Rossovich's semi-retired status, you may have caught him in the indie films Artworks or Sandbar. He also landed guest spots on series like Mike Hammer, Private Eye and Chicken Soup for the Soul. More recently, he appeared in the short film A Beautiful Day. Rossovich will be playing Rick in the movie Where the Streets Have No Name, proving he's not totally done with acting — even if it does come second to his family.

Shanna Moakler hosts beauty pageants

Shanna Moakler played Monica Harper, a new recruit to the crew who joins during the fourth season. She and the other new members are immediately tasked with going undercover at a college campus to expose a professor who is dealing drugs.

Today, Moakler primarily works in reality TV. Moakler and her then-husband Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink-182, starred on a 2005 reality series about their lives called Meet the Barkers. Although the couple is now divorced, they have two children together. Moakler later appeared on a reality series called Growing Up Supermodel, which follows the children of famous models as they try to break into the industry. Moakler also hosted the reality show Bridalplasty and joined the cast of Hollywood Exes.

Before appearing on Pacific Blue, Moakler was known for her work as a model. Today, she uses those skills in the world of beauty pageants. She is a producer for both the Miss Nevada and Miss Utah USA pageants.

Jeff Stearns began producing films

Russ Granger, one of the new recruits who becomes part of the Pacific Blue crew in season four, was played by Jeff Stearns. When he joins, Granger definitely has a bit of an attitude, but after he's thrown into the reality of police work, he realizes that he needs to get serious.

Ever since Pacific Blue ended, Stearns has mainly worked in film rather than returning to TV. He has appeared in movies like Fighting Words and Twice as Dead. In addition to acting, Stearns has also worked as a producer on several films: He is the producer behind Cornered, and he produced, wrote, and acted in the comedic drama Tomorrow's End. Stearns is currently slated to play Jeffrey Pierson in the comedy The Road Home, which follows an unemployed, recently single man who decides to head to California's wine country with his best friend to try his luck in the dating scene.

Amy Hunter works in film and TV

Jamie Strickland, one of the new officers who is recruited in season four, was played by Amy Hunter. Jamie deals with the ghosts of her family's past throughout the series: She grew up in an abusive home, and when she eventually reunites with her younger sister Jenny, she is forced to admit that she killed their father to protect Jenny from suffering the sort of abuse Jamie herself faced.

Since her days on Pacific Blue, Hunter has appeared in several movies, in addition to landing guest spots on TV shows like The District and ER. She played Lyla Fleury in the thriller The Kingdom, appearing alongside big names like Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner. She further added to her roster of film roles by playing Vick in Traci Townsend. Hunter has also worked as an associate producer on the reality TV series For Peete's Sake. Her last role was in the 2017 film Til Death Do Us Part. More recently, she's been serving as a producer on the comedy film Selfie Dad.

Mario Lopez is doing it all

Mario Lopez joined the cast of Pacific Blue as new recruit Bobby Cruz in season four. During his time on the police force, he ends up dealing with all kinds of crazy cases, in locales ranging from Santa Monica to Hawaii.

Since his time on Pacific Blue, Mario Lopez has basically done it all. In addition to appearing on series like The Bold and the Beautiful and Nip/Tuck, you've probably seen him hosting several celebrity news shows over the years, including Access Hollywood, Extra with Billy Bush, and Mario Lopez: One on One. He also worked as host on The X Factor. Lopez recently wrote, produced, and acted in the Netflix series The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia. On top of all this, he somehow found the time to write several books, including his autobiography Just Between Us, the children's book Mud Tacos, and the diet book Extra Lean.

What's Lopez up to right now? He's producing a revival of the classic coming-of-age series Saved By the Bell, in which he'll be playing Slater.

David L. Lander opened up about his MS diagnosis

David L. Lander had a recurring role as Elvis Kryzcewski on Pacific Blue. Elvis is usually busy acting as the referee for beach volleyball games or repairing the unit's bikes. Although he isn't a regular on Pacific Blue, his presence is always a nice surprise.

Although Lander did not open up about his struggles during his time on Pacific Blue, he eventually went public with his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, which he has been living with since 1984. Today, he advocates for others with MS, and aims to do whatever he can to cheer up other people with this condition. "I absolutely love doing patient programs," Lander told The Denver Post. "That is the most fun I have. I get to be funny. People come up to me afterward and say, 'I've had MS for 13 years, and I haven't laughed once until I met you.'" 

Despite his condition, Lander has continued working in Hollywood. After his last episode of Pacific Blue, he landed recurring roles on series like The Bold and the Beautiful, Oswald, and Break a Hip. You might have even noticed him playing Principal Squiggy in Scary Movie. He's currently working on the series The Funny Cartoons Show.

David Starzyk landed roles on several soap operas

When Cory McNamara falls in love with District Attorney Will Blake, played by David Starzyk, she knows that she's taking a risk — but she doesn't completely realize that her new relationship with Blake represents a major turning point in her life. In the final episode of Pacific Blue, viewers are left on a cliffhanger: Are Cory and Will about to become parents? Ultimately, this is one question that will forever remain unanswered.

After shooting the final episode of Pacific Blue, Starzyk went on to land roles on plenty of other TV shows. Between roles on soap operas, comedies, and dramas, he's been quite busy for the past two decades. If you're a fan of soaps, you might have caught Starzyk on Days of Our Lives or The Young and the Restless. He had a recurring role as Richard Casablancas on Veronica Mars, and he also appeared on the web series Cam Girls. His most recent appearance was a guest spot on the show Magnum P.I. It's likely only a matter of time before he announces his next project, given how busy he's kept.

Vaitiare Hirshon is working on a new short film

Vaitiare Hirshon had a recurring role on Pacific Blue as Linda Dominguez. She meets Victor del Toro while he's trying to help her younger brother avoid falling in with the local gangs. Although she only appears on a few episodes, she plays an important role: Upon her untimely death, Victor's life changes forever.

After her time on Pacific Blue was up, Hirshon landed a small role on Stargate SG-1 as Sha're. She returned to this role for the film Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods. Next up for Hirshon was a guest spot on the series Heartbreakers. In the years following, Hirshon took her career in a new direction and began working on short films. Recently, she appeared in the short films Meat Cute, and Far Away Places. Right now, she's producing the short film Never Forget. Perhaps she'll return to working in TV at some point, but currently, it seems like she'd rather take on other kinds of projects.