This Is How Much Money Mom Was Really Worth On Futurama

The characters in Futurama have unique personalities, as well as unique physical qualities. They range from ordinary, displaced 20th century folk, like Phillip J. Fry, to hideously comical crab creatures from the planet Decapod 10, like Zoidberg. That's because the show takes place at the turn of the 31st century, when the world has progressed to a sci-fi nerd's dream, so there are robots, aliens, space ships, and new worlds to be discovered. The gadgets are a mix of science and pure fantasy — whichever helps the joke pop off smoothly. And even though Futurama's world has advanced to the point where Fry can have a lovable, kleptomaniac robot buddy, the problems tend to be relatable to us stuck here in the past, and can sometimes even make you teary-eyed

The villains, as it happens, are equally relatable to contemporary figures and situations in the real world. For instance, a character named Carol Miller, but better known as "Mom," is the head of a multi-billion-dollar company that seems to have a monopoly on all things robot, and she flexes that wealth quite a bit. Just how much dough has she really accumulated, however?

Mom's been stuffing dollars under that giant dress of hers

MomCorp, Mom's fictional company, was founded in 2965, and before that, Mom ran Mom's Friendly Robot Company, that was a continuation of a much older robot company that was known to produce robots before the year 2800. Since MomCorp has been around, the company has pursued several money-making ventures. They produce most, if not all, of the robots on Earth, including the bending unit who's part of the Planet Express main cast, Bender. MomCorp's turning point happened when it received a contract to mine the planet Vergon 6 for dark matter, which is the substance that space ships burn to travel around the universe. It's worth a load of money. The company's other major enterprise, producing Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil, was once threatened by a can of anchovies, but they were the last anchovies in existence. Fry wasted them on a pizza, securing future profits for Mom for years to come. This has turned out quite well for the old bag, since according to Mo$t Expen$ive Thing, she's worth a whopping $15.7 Billion.

All of the business ventures have led Mom to a position of power within the Futurama universe that few others hold. She wears a dorky old lady costume to make herself seem lovable, and to hide her ruthless entrepreneurial spirit — but it's a sham. Mom has proven, time and time, again that she'll do anything to retain her money and power.