The Boys Season 2 Blooper Reel Will Make You Love The Cast Even More

When tackled correctly, superhero movies and TV shows can be mighty immersive. They draw the viewer into a fantastic world where they will believe a man can fly, artfully painting over the drab, mundane, and everyday with a palette of technicolor power fantasies. With enough acumen, a production can make you forget that the people you're watching aren't, in fact, the pop culture demigods that they portray, but rather ultra-symmetrical theater students who hit paydirt with a regular gig.

Amazon's The Boys certainly fits that bill. The show's spectacular performances and frequently seamless special effects are captivating, enough so that meeting Homelander actor Antony Starr in real life might inadvertently make a fan reflexively duck out of the way of any potential incoming heat vision attacks. And that, more than anything, is probably what makes it so charming to watch him struggle to drink milk.

Starr's repeated struggles with dairy stand out as one of the highlights of the blooper reel from season 2 of The Boys, posted to the series' Twitter account on October 27, 2020. True to form, the compilation video has a significantly less safe-for-work official designation, but the beats are familiar. Cameras left rolling through long days on set capture otherwise formidable characters in their less-proud moments. Shots of Queen Maeve and Stormfront stumbling over detritus remind the audience that it's hard to walk through trash in your skivvies, and that a pair of knee-high heel boots only exacerbates the situation.

But for all of the milk slurping and missteps, the real star of the show is undoubtedly Billy Butcher's dog.

The Boys bloopers reveal Homelander's one weakness

Even with all of the charming fumbles in the outtakes from season 2 of The Boys, it's obvious that the actors are working hard to get the job done. Not the dog, though. The dog doesn't care what anyone thinks.

This much is obvious in a wide shot of Billy Butcher, walking through a suburban neighborhood with his faithful canine companion Terror. At least, they start out walking together. The dog, whose real name is apparently Bentley, gets other ideas a few seconds into the scene and wanders off. As Karl Urban whistles and attempts to beckon his costar back into frame, dozens of crew members realize all at once that this noble beast has zero respect for their time or the fact that it's an exterior shot and they're burning daylight. Bentley needs to drop a deuce on an immaculately manicured set. Helpfully, it's exactly the kind of behavior that showrunner Eric Kripke cited when explaining why the show didn't spend more time on Billy Butcher's dog.

There's plenty of equally charming (if less scatalogical) footage in the video. Folks struggle with firearms. CGI-free shots of supes throwing not-yet-animated energy bolts add a sense of reality to an already bleak onscreen universe. A-Train gets very upset about a bee, which he accuses of attempted murder. Not to hammer the point too hard, but Antony Starr's Homelander has a really, really hard time drinking milk.

Hopefully, it's all enough to hold viewers over for a spell, as The Boys' already-greenlit season 3 might take a while to get here.