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Why A Baby Yoda Mashup Has Alita: Battle Angel Fans Excited

It seems like every major pop culture figure is getting a baby version of itself these days. Baby Yoda ruled the internet for a few short sweet months back in 2019 when The Mandalorian season 1 dropped. Baby Groot is arguably one of the most popular figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and fans of The Umbrella Academy got to witness the glory that is Baby Pogo in the show's second season. With the recent baby crazy taking over the zeitgeist, could a baby version of Alita from Alita: Battle Angel be far behind?

Alita director Robert Rodriguez recently shared artwork from Twitter user @PaulUntitled depicting a pint-sized version of the titular heroine standing beside the one and only Baby Yoda. The image promotes how Alita: Battle Angel has been re-released in select theaters as well as how The Mandalorian season 2 debuts on Disney+ this Friday, October 30th. It's the sci-fi mashup we need at a time like this, and the post offers a ray of hope for the Alita Army wanting to see a sequel in the near future. 

The Alita Army hopes more people see the post and check out Alita in theaters

The Alita Army, with endorsements from the likes of James Cameron, has been hoping for a sequel announcement ever since the first film came out in February of 2019. The recent theatrical re-release is a good sign that there's still interest in the movie, and Alita director Robert Rodriguez sharing artwork doing a cross-promotion of Alita: Battle Angel and Star Wars is a good way to draw in people who may have not seen the film yet. 

The fan who created the Baby Alita/Baby Yoda image retweeted Rodriguez's post along with the following message, "This is a win for #AlitaArmy ... 500k+++ of @Rodriguez followers from fb & twitter surely will see this, [that's] a lot of potential new fans Alita will gain & might watch Alita next week." If you follow Robert Rodriguez on social media, then you've likely seen how he hasn't been shy of his support for the Alita Army. He's shared numerous posts and pieces of Alita artwork on Twitter and Facebook, particularly in the aftermath of Alita: Battle Angel coming back to theaters. A surge in ticket sales could convince the powers that be that there is, indeed, interest in a sequel. Alita is an action-packed sci-fi film that should be of great interest to fans of Star Wars, so if you're excited about The Mandalorian coming back for season 2 on October 30th, then you should see Alita on DVD, Blu-Ray, or in a theater near you. 

Who knows? Perhaps we'll end up seeing a younger version of Alita in the theoretical sequel.