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The Gus Detail You Never Noticed In Breaking Bad

Gus Fring is one of the most intriguing and intimidating villains of the Breaking Bad universe. It's not just because of the power he wields as the mastermind behind the distribution of Walter White's blue meth — he's able to switch from a calm and collected demeanor into the more authoritative, intimidating kingpin that he is in an instant. As Gus himself explains to Walter in one episode, he "hides in plain sight."

But there's one detail about Gus that fans might have overlooked, as a recent Reddit thread from user ktsmith91 pointed out: he pretends to have a family.

In the eleventh episode of the third season, "Abiquiú," Gus invites Walter White to his home. There are toys and kiddie furniture around the house, and Gus even tells Walter that he rarely makes paila marina because his kids won't eat it. But where are Gus' kids? Though he mentions them and there are clearly signs in his house that he has a family, they are never seen.

Gus Fring is a loner for a very good reason

As ktsmith91 notes in their Reddit post: "There is no room in Gus' life for family or even friends. His entire life changed when Max was killed." You may remember that Max Arciniega co-founded Los Pollos Hermanos, the fast food restaurant chain and front for meth distribution, and was very close with Gus.

Before his death in the fourth season episode "Hermanos," Max pleads with Don Eladio, telling the cartel leader that Gus will make him millions. "Just find it in your heart to forgive him for this one small mistake," Max says. "Please, he's my partner. l need him! l swear to God!" Hector Salamanca then shoots and kills Max.

Theories suggest that Max and Gus were more than just business partners — they may have been lovers. Gus is so deeply traumatized by Max's murder that he plots revenge on Hector. It would also follow that Gus would not allow himself the weakness of having a family, given the kind of leverage that could provide his enemies. This separates him from Walter, whose motivations remain tied to Skyler and Walt Jr. throughout the series.

As actor Giancarlo Esposito explained in a YouTube Q&A from 2012, he was asked to bring photos of his children to the set of Breaking Bad. The crew framed these photos and put them in Gus' house, leading even Esposito himself to believe we would see Gus' wife and kids at some point in the show. Of course, we never did, leaving fans to wonder if Gus' "family" was just another front.