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The Prestige 2: Will We Ever Get To See The Sequel?

Christopher Nolan — the mastermind behind such big screen works as the Dark Knight trilogy and, most recently, Tenet — reigns as one of the leading visionary directors of the modern era. His knack for crafting narratives that are both entirely unique, and intimidatingly complex, is second to none, and, thus, his work endures in the minds of moviegoers far longer than most, as viewers attempt to unravel his works. Take, for instance, his evergreen 2006 period drama The Prestige, a tale of dueling magicians (played to perfection by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) whose personal feud drives them to go to lengths no performer before them had ever dared to attempt.

Part of what makes the film so impressive is how it, coincidentally, performs something of a magic trick on the audience's collective mind. It only gives them just enough visual stimulant to draw them in and keep their interest, before reaching its climax and leaving viewers to consider, on their own, what they just witnessed. 

In not overstaying its welcome, naturally, fans of The Prestige have spent the better part of nearly 15 years clamoring for some kind of sequel or continuation of its story. But in all seriousness, could such a project come to fruition down the line? Sadly, all things considered, it wouldn't be worth it to hold your breath, and here's why.

Sequels to his original concepts aren't in Nolan's wheelhouse

Christopher Nolan's track record speaks for itself when it comes to how he handles his original ideas in the realm of sequels. As of this writing, he has an impressive 11 feature films under his belt, and the vast majority of them were hugely successful, to the point where they're considered some of the finest productions of the past few decades. With the exception of his Batman movies, which he told Empire Magazine he very nearly didn't expand on in favor of keeping Batman Begins as a freestanding origin tale, none of them have ever received a direct continuation in any form. 

Simply put, it's not Nolan's style, as he's made pretty clear that he would prefer to go all-in on a standalone production than spread his work thin across a franchise. He has crafted some of the most innovative and mind-bending stories to ever see the silver screen, from the dream heist film Inception to the historical epic, Dunkirk. His career is defined by movies that display his dedication and commitment to his craft, and require no elaboration to make them retroactively better or overshare the essence of their plot.

Theoretically speaking, while it's not totally out of the question, the odds of The Prestige being the film to break Nolan's career-long tradition is highly improbable. The movie's plot resolved itself rather definitively, with Jackman's Robert Angier and Bale's Alfred Borden (or Bernard Fallon?) both ending up dead as a result of the extremes they both went to for the sake of outdoing one another. Not to mention, as far as popularity goes, it sits among Nolan's more niche projects, calling into question whether or not there's enough demand to justify a second movie's existence. Bearing all of these factors in mind, it stands to reason that, at the end of the day, another outing in the Prestige continuity is both unnecessary and unlikely.