Ben Affleck Confirms The Title Of His Batman Solo Movie

Brevity is apparently the new black.

Ben Affleck finally revealed the working title for his upcoming standalone Batman flick, but he warned The Associated Press that it still could change. "The movie, I think, is going to be called The Batman," Affleck said. "I think that's what we're going with now. I might change it. That's about it. That's all I got."

Although he's keeping most of the details close to his chest, Affleck did say that he's working on the script. "It's going well," he said. "I'm really excited about it, and I assure you, if anything develops, you'll hear about it."

The name of the film hints that Affleck's take (he's writing and directing the DCEU movie) will be back-to-basics, as the title is nowhere near as unwieldy as the one for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice. Affleck debuted his version of Batman in that flick, but before we see what he has planned on his own, he'll first reprise the role in 2017's Justice League.

As CBM points out, The Batman is rumored to take place inside Gotham's Arkham Asylum, while we're sure of at least one villain who will appear: True Blood's Joe Manganiello will play the assassin Deathstroke in the film, and Affleck even unveiled a teaser of the actor in action.

The production timeline isn't set in stone yet, but there's reason to believe the movie could arrive sooner than we previously thought. Meanwhile, check out some messed up things you never realized about Batman, and why Affleck's movie could be terrible or amazing.