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The Alita: Battle Angel Character Fans Love To Hate

Spoilers ahead for Alita: Battle Angel

The 2019 cyberpunk/action film Alita: Battle Angel has developed a fervent fan base in a way few films have managed. With a recent theatrical re-release (and renewed cries for a sequel), it would appear as though this is one film where the passion isn't going to subside any time soon. 

The first film has plenty of cameos that potentially set up sequels, and the praise heaped upon the visual effects and action scenes really makes for an engaging case for more stories that could take place in this universe. For the uninitiated, Alita: Battle Angel follows the titular female cyborg (Rosa Salazar) as she wakes up in a new cybernetic body but with zero memories of who she is. Shortly after Alita comes online, she meets a new friend, Hugo (Keean Johnson), and the two strike up a romantic connection. The only problem is that Hugo gets involved with some shady characters and ends up dying not once, but twice, in the film's second half. 

It may be for the best if Hugo doesn't show up in any theoretical Alita sequels. Based on fan reactions from a Reddit thread started by u/BunyipPouch, many fans voiced their displeasure at the character. Now, love him or hate him, there's no doubt his connection with Alita helped make for a more engaging film — but here's why fans weren't happy.

Fans don't think Hugo was a good romantic interest for Alita

When the romantic interest for your movie's lead dies, you want the audience to really feel the impact. This happens twice with Hugo: the first when Zapan (Ed Skrein) injures him and the second when a serrated defense ring drops over him after he's been turned into a cyborg. Unfortunately for Hugo, it appears as though many fans felt his character wasn't developed well enough to warrant such an emotional impact twice, in such rapid succession. As Redditor u/Gr33nman460 mentioned, "It was also funny to see him die twice in five minutes. And to give him an emotional death scene each time." 

Redditor u/liberalize agreed, and even said how, "It was unintentionally funny to see him fall off the bridge thing, just a flailing head and torso."

Of course, if you didn't like Hugo in the film, then it may help to look at his character from a different perspective. Redditor u/Demibolt brings this up by stating, "She literally falls in love with the first guy she sees in the street. I feel like his part in the movie is more to show her immaturity than his romantic worth." Hugo may not have been the right fit for Alita from a romantic perspective, but it seems as though that was the point. Alita got introduced to this strange, new world by someone who literally robs cyborgs of their electronic parts. She's naive, but through the film, she becomes more adept at understanding her place in this society. 

Luckily, unless he comes back to life (again), fans shouldn't have to worry about seeing Hugo return for an Alita: Battle Angel sequel. Hopefully, Alita finds a new love interest that strikes a better chord with fans.