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What Vanya Will Want To Do First In Umbrella Academy Season 3

Season 2 of Netflix's bonkers, bloody, and oh-so brilliant superhero saga The Umbrella Academy is continuing to earn views and break brains in the streaming realm. While the series has yet to be greenlit for a third season, it's clear The Umbrella Academy creatives are set to take the show in bold new directions when that green light comes. 

Based on Gerard Way's and Gabriel Bá's graphic novel series of the same name, The Umbrella Academy follows a group of super-powered siblings assembled to protect the world from evils of all shapes and sizes. If you've read the books or watched The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, you know the Hargreeves kids are not always successful in that endeavor, and even once found a powerful villain in their own ranks.

The time-hopping second season of The Umbrella Academy found the group flung back into the 1960s, and desperately trying to foil the plot to assassinate President Kennedy as they simultaneously search for a way back to their own timeline. It also saw many of the Hargreeves finding hard-earned love in the most unexpected of places. For Elliot Page's Vanya Hargreeves, that love was unexpected both in place and in face. After stealing time with the duplicitous Leonard Peabody (John Magaro) in season 1, Vanya found herself falling for Marin Ireland's unhappy housewife Sissy in season 2, while also forging a tight bond with Sissy's autistic youngster Harlan (Justin Paul Kelly).

Both of those facts led to perils of their own, but that didn't stop Vanya from making an impassioned plea for Sissy and Harlan to make the leap to 2019 once the Hargreeves found a way home. Sissy lovingly declined, but Vanya will absolutely want to track down her lost love once she's back in 2019.    

Vanya may not have to look hard to catch up with her past on The Umbrella Academy

Should that reunion happen in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, it'll obviously be a bit awkward, because even if Vanya's leap back to 2019 was instantaneous, over five decades will have passed for everyone else. That includes Sissy, who — assuming she's still alive in 2019 — should be well into her 70s or 80s, making for a very Steve Rogers-slash-Peggy Carter vibe for sure.

Vanya's relationship with Sissy was arguably the most refreshing romantic turn in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy though, so fans will likely be very into that vibe, especially if it means they get to spend more time with the great (and perpetually underrated) Marin Ireland. Vanya may not have to look too hard to find out what became of her old flame. In fact, she may not even need to leave the confines of her old homestead.

As a reminder, the Hargreeves found a new crew of supers in their old home when they returned to their own time, signaling that their adoptive father Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) likely claimed and trained a completely different cast of kids for his would-be super team. He even changed that team's name from The Umbrella Academy to The Sparrow Academy.

It's that very name change that has The Umbrella Academy fans thinking Harlan (last seen demonstrating he'd kept some of Vanya's powers by levitating a wooden sparrow in his hand) will be among the new team members. Should that be the case, Vanya will simply be able to pump the now 60-ish super for what became of the woman she loved. That is, of course, assuming adult Harlan is okay coming face to face with the woman who so singularly (if inadvertently) changed the course of his life.