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What You Didn't Know About Mike Smith From Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is inarguably the most famous TV comedy to take place in a Canadian trailer park. The show is made up of hilarious moments that revolve around a group of poor trouble-makers and the trailer park staff and police that are constantly getting in the way of their fun and money-making schemes. The main crew is made up of three friends: Ricky (Robb Wells), whose confused lexicon makes for a good laugh, Julian (John Paul Tremblay), who's always drinking, and Bubbles (Mike Smith), the lovable shed-dweller.

Bubbles is the backyard engineer of the group, who is prone to angry, swearing outbursts. He also loves kitties more than what most people would consider to be "healthy." He wears thick — and we mean THICK — glasses and lives in a shed in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park where the show takes place. If you watch the show, these are all things you already know about the character, but here are some things you probably didn't know about the actor who plays him, Mike Smith.

Bubbles' glasses are actually Mike Smith's

The iconic glasses that Bubbles wears in Trailer Park Boys were owned by Mike Smith before he ever stepped foot in front of the camera. That's not to say they were his prescription. Quite the opposite. The glasses gave the actor severe headaches when he first started on the show and had to wear them for extended periods of time, but now, according to an interview Smith did with The Big Issue, his brain "turns off" the eye pain.

Before the actor was Bubbles, he'd only wear the glasses as a comedic gig to amuse his friends and wasn't required to keep them on for any extended period of time. Smith found the glasses, he tells SHARP, at an estate sale in Texas. "They were 50 cents, and she [his girlfriend] knew that I would think they were funny because they were so thick, so she bought them as a joke," Smith said. Bubbles is actually wearing Mike Smith's glasses that he bought from a dead person. That's cool, right?

He was a musician, not an actor

Most of the Trailer Park Boys didn't come from an acting background. Julian actor John Paul Tremblay and Ricky actor Robb Wells were running a bar and pizza restaurant before scoring a gig on the show by being friends with creator Mike Clattenburg, which could explain why Julian is always seen with a drink in his hand. Mike Smith, on the other hand, was a musician before he was Bubbles. Like the other two mentioned, Smith was a friend of Clattenburg's, but he wasn't initially asked to act on the production.

Smith played guitar for the alternative rock band Sandbox. The band, according to a 1996 interview with Mike Smith, was nominated for a Juno Award following the release of their debut album Bionic. The band didn't last forever, breaking up before Bubbles appeared in the trailer park.

"Once the band broke up I wanted to stay in the industry," Smith told SHARP Magazine. "I knew Mike was making a film. I had a little recording studio setup in my house so he asked me to record the audio."

Fame follows weird trajectories.

Mike Smith has some sketchy charges on his record

This is where the unknown facts begin to take an allegedly dark turn. In 2016, Trailer Park Boys actor Mike Smith was arrested on charges of domestic battery after a loud argument with a friend, Georgia Ling, at a Hollywood hotel. Both Ling and Smith told USA Today that there was no battery involved, but the two of them did engage in a loud, heated argument. The charges were dropped shortly after the incident, but not until after Lucy DeCoutere, who plays Ricky's love interest Lucy on the show, left the production.

"If I find out that somebody is abusive, I cut them out of my life. It's very easy," DeCoutere said on Twitter. The rest of the cast released a statement, following the events, in support of Smith.

Vice investigation found a different allegation from Smith's past. In 2005, an 18-year-old woman filed a sexual assault complaint against the actor, but decided not to move forward with charges after being told "fingers could be pointed." Vice says the Bubbles actor has been cited for serving alcohol to minors, as well.

Smith's manager provided a statement to Vice, saying, "Mike voluntarily submitted to an interview and answered every question he was asked about his contact with this woman. The police did not seek any further information from him. They did not lay charges. It would be reckless and unfair to publish these allegations so many years later, when no police action was taken contemporaneously."

Quite the backstory.