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Cobra Kai Bloopers That Make Us Love The Cast Even More

Thanks to Jackie Chan and his end-credit reels full of flops, falls, and fractures, there's a long history of martial arts blooper reels. That being the case, it's no surprise that Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai, which brings back film stars William Zabka and Ralph Macchio as an older Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, has joined that tradition with a set of clips of its own.

But while you might expect a show with as much fight choreography as Cobra Kai to lean into its mishits, there's a greater variety to the physical comedy than just flubbed kicks and punches. Mary Mouser, who plays Daniel LaRusso's daughter Samantha, struggles to stay upright and build up speed when trying to exit a shot while on roller skates and in an '80s costume that calls back to the era of the original movies. Actors are hit in the face with dodgeballs and wadded-up paper. Dances are broken into.

The aftermaths of confrontations get as much airtime as the fights. Mouser, having just been thrown through a table loaded with cakes, samples some frosting and announces that it still tastes good. Zabka smashes through a glass panel after taking a beating from Martin Kove, then spitsout some glass shards, which gives us the indelible reaction shot of a black-clad, still-intimidating Kove laughing at him while holding a lit cigar.

Ralph Macchio stars in the Cobra Kai blooper reel

Aside from Mouser, the star of the bloopers is Macchio, who radiates big dad energy in all the clips in which he appears. There's the bit in whichn he gives his character's daughter a heartfelt, deadly serious speech about why he's opening up Cobra Kai, and doesn't realize until a sentence and a half later that he's inadvertently flipped the plot of the show on its head, or when Mouser trips and falls in the background of his shot and shrugs it off with an, "It's a Monday," like some kind of real-life Garfield. Macchio blows kisses to the camera and shows off notifications on his phone and has a very real moment of fear when Zabka feigns an unexpected punch in his direction that makes his co-star label him "a flincher."

The reel perhaps spends too much time letting many of the younger cast members give their interpretations of Season 2's Snakedoo gag (If you don't get it, Reddit has an answer for you), but at least, unlike the clips Chan puts at the end of his movies, no karate kids seem to have been injured in the making of this blooper reel.