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Why You Should Avoid Disney World On The Weekends Right Now

Disney World is the home of hopes and dreams, for small children ... and, for the rest of us, terrifying life-size cartoon figures. They have everything. Theme parks, restaurants, fireworks, you name it. Catching a glimpse of the Disney castle means you have access to Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Hollywood Studios, Epcot Park, and more. There are enough things to see and do to make your head spin. Children can feel like the Disney princess, prince, or talking animal that they've always wanted to be.

Most good times come with their drawbacks though, and with Disney World, there's an awfully big one in the landscape of 2020 — crowds. 

Theme parks are major attractions, and Disney World is the biggest attraction of them all. Therefor, it's bound to get the most visitors. If you have social anxiety, theme parks aren't usually the place for you to be. For everyone else, it's a jolly good time ... or, well, it usually is. But right now, considering everything going on in the world, it's highly recommended that you avoid going to Disney World on weekends. Here's why.

Attendees say Disney World is packed

It makes sense that weekends are busier for Disney World, as USA Today explains. Most people work weekdays, and don't have time to visit a theme park. Thus, the masses flock for weekend stays, when the park is more lively, and better yet, they haven't blown eight hours of their day pushing papers. Normally, weekends are the best time to go. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, though? Going to a theme park at the busiest time of the week probably isn't the best idea. You might be safer wrestling the local swamp gators (or the Florida Skunk Ape, for that matter).

Disney, according to their website, have been taking precautions to help keep people safe, while they sap your hard-earned money for an experience that is, well, expensive. Masks are required at most locations, their hours are limited — as is their capacity — and admissions require previous reservations. Nonetheless, there's an inherent risk to going into public places, packed full of people. Florida has some of the highest case numbers of COVID-19 in the United States, according to the CDC, which makes going to Disney World a helluva lot more dangerous than taking a scenic drive under Vermont's autumn foliage. Meanwhile, let's not forget that, as reported by ABC News, Florida just lifted ALL of the coronavirus restrictions it had been using to poorly mitigate the spread. It's a hot zone, folks.

Finally, despite all of Disney's precautions, Reddit users are claiming that many areas of the park were absolutely packed, with some of them saying it was as crowded on the weekends as it was before the pandemic, thereby leading other to speculate that they increased park capacity without an announcement. Most agree the weekdays were pretty calm, though ... in comparison, at least.