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Spider-Man: Homecoming Set Photos Show High-Flying Action

Although Peter Parker always seems to get the hang of swinging around at insane heights thanks to CGI, the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming will apparently use practical effects for some impractical scenes.

The folks at JustJared got their hands on photos from the set in Atlanta, and they show Spider-Man and an unnamed redhead dangling from a helicopter high above the ground. We probably don't need to worry about star Tom Holland, though. The reliable @AboutTomHolland also posted video and claims it's a stunt double.

You'll have to go here to see all the pics, but we've got one (along with video) below.

CBM points out that the women Spidey is hanging out with look an awful lot like a potential Mary Jane Watson, but also notes the teenage webslinger seems to be swinging with "a number" of different women in the photos–although they all have reddish hair. We already know Zendaya is playing a character named "Michelle" in the movie, but rumor has it that she's actually Mary Jane.

We'll have to wait to see what's up when the movie drops July 7, 2017, but we do know Spider-Man will battle Vulture (Michael Keaton) in Jon Watts' flick. Check out our own exclusive photos from the set and watch Holland bust a move as Spidey.