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The Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hint You Never Noticed

If you're listing the best television shows of all time, you can never be too quick to mention Breaking Bad. The sweeping tragedy of a chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with lung cancer and goes on to sell meth with his young protege became an instant phenomenon. The writing, acting, cinematography — every element came together to make the show a hit with critics and audiences alike. 

One of the biggest reasons why people love this show is the way it's filled with all kinds of tiny details hidden in plain sight to reward eagle-eyed fans. There are some details and bits of foreshadowing that only die-hards could catch. And while Breaking Bad ended in 2013, there are still plenty of details being discovered to this day. One observant Redditor, u/loves2spoog3, picked up on a single detail about the show that's pretty mind-blowing in hindsight. 

And it all hints to the man Walter White would become: Heisenberg.

An Easter egg hints at how Heisenberg was under Hank's nose the whole time

"ABQ," the 13th episode of Breaking Bad's second season, puts Walter Jr.'s website for his father, savewalterwhite.com, front and center. Having seemingly raised a substantial amount of money for Walter's treatments, the site has gained no small amount of attention. Of course, no one's actually donating — Saul Goodman has used the site as a way to launder Walter's money, but he can't exactly go around saying that. 

Walter's brother-in-law, Hank, decides to get in on the action, taking a collection jar to his workplace to try to raise some extra funds. But Hank works at the DEA, and throughout the series, he's been hot on the trail of meth kingpin known as Heisenberg, without realizing that his quarry is actually Walter. In one shot, Hank lifts the jar so that it's positioned in front of a "wanted" poster seeking information regarding Heisenberg's real identity. Little does Hank know at the time that the answer is right under his nose — the same man whose life he's trying to save is the same one he's trying to put in prison. 

All these years later and there are still Breaking Bad details to decipher. And if you need to spend more time in the Breaking Bad universe, then make sure to check out Better Call Saul. The sixth and final season is set to debut in 2021.