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Why Matt Brown Parted Ways With Alaskan Bush People

The main appeal of Discovery Channel's hit series Alaskan Bush People is the unique Brown family, who exist in extreme isolation and engage in minimal contact with the rest of civilization. Over its 12 seasons, the show grew in popularity in large part due to its interesting cast of characters and strong, reality-based stories. While the bulk of its content centered around the trials and tribulations of the family adjusting to their new living situation, it also took time to dive into each of the Browns as individuals, chronicling their highs just as much as their lows.

One such example is the case of Matt Brown — eldest son of Billy and Ami Brown, who struggled in the fight against his inner demons for some time. He and his family moved from the Alaskan wilderness to the city of Juneau in 2016, which is where his troubles began to take over. They took a serious toll on his relationship with his family, friends, and, most prominently, himself, resulting in his shocking departure from Alaskan Bush People. Still, his resignation after season 9 wasn't purely negative, as there's a silver lining to Matt Brown stepping away from the cameras.

Family strain contributed to Matt Brown leaving Alaskan Bush People

Shortly after moving into Juneau with his folks, Matt Brown started to mingle with the townspeople, many of whom happened to be avid drinkers. Brown chose to follow suit, but quickly lost control over his habit. His alcohol abuse drove a wedge between him and his father, resulting in, as a source told Radar Online, a "nasty brawl" between the two. The altercation ultimately culminated in Billy threatening to end his son's contract with Alaskan Bush People if he didn't get help. 

Facing a serious ultimatum, Brown elected to take some time off from the show and check in to rehab for both of their sakes. A source close to the Brown family told Radar Online in January 2019 that Brown "entered treatment at Betty Ford in Palm Springs area secretly right after New Years" that year. The source added, "He was on a bender and took action to save his life. His family is supportive. They are so happy he is safe and focused on his recovery again."

Brown took to Instagram on January 24, 2019 to confirm that he had sought treatment at Betty Ford, sharing a photo of a Betty Ford Center mug with the caption, "Thank you Mrs Ford."

Conflicting reports about the Brown family's support of Matt

While it was originally reported that Brown's family members wanted the best for him and were supportive of him seeking treatment for addiction, that tune switched a few months later. The younger Brown was making life changes and succeeding in getting his issues under control, but his family reportedly was — and remains — less than eager to join in his improvement. According to the source close to Radar Online, the Brown family — including his siblings — doesn't want Matt back in the picture.

"Billy knows how much Matt needed to work and relied on the family's show for income, just as the rest of his siblings did, and Billy still cut him out," the source claimed.  "Matt wants nothing to do with his dad and is feels like they are all brainwashed by him. It is really sad because Matt is doing well, finally, which is all that Billy says he wanted from him. What's even worse is that Matt's brothers and sisters are siding with Billy because they are all just as money-hungry as their dad."

Evidently, they were well aware Brown relied on their collective income from Alaskan Bush People to survive, but they don't believe he can handle the responsibility any more, apparently out of spite and greed. It's a depressing family dynamic to face, but it hasn't stopped Brown from making the most of his time away from Alaskan Bush People.

Matt Brown is enjoying a sober lifestyle free of drama

Even though his relationship with his family is less than stellar these days, Brown hasn't let it get in the way of his hard-earned sobriety. After a preliminary, unsuccessful stint, he returned to rehab at the Betty Ford Center for addiction and evidently hasn't fallen off the wagon since. As of this writing, he's nearly two years sober and isn't looking back as he continues to live a tranquil, relaxing life at his home in California. He's nearly unrecognizable — for the better — in terms of his physical appearance and his outlook on life.

Brown keeps fans updated primarily via his Instagram page, flooding feeds across the globe with positivity and inspiration for those in need of some encouraging words. He seems far more at peace than he ever was on Alaskan Bush People, likely due to the lack of daily drama coming his way. His other family members may enjoy what comes with taking part in a TV series and the perks along the way, but for Brown, such a life isn't for him. 

Instead of crossing our fingers that he'll return to Alaskan Bush People (or that it suffers a swift cancellation), we should instead hope that he'll continue to stay clean for years to come and eventually be able to reconcile with his kin.