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What Umbrella Academy Season 3's Setting Could Mean For Klaus

Raise your hand if your head is still spinning from your season 2 binge of The Umbrella Academy. If your hand isn't up, well, we're pretty sure you're just trying to play it cool, because the time-jumping second season of Netflix's gonzo superhero saga got crazy in ways that nobody — not even source material creators Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá — could've anticipated. It also ended with a rug-pulling finale that raised more questions than the entire season even tried answer.

That finale saw the Hargreeves gang finally returning to 2019 after struggling to both stop the apocalypse in 1963 and find a way home for almost the entirety of The Umbrella Academy's second season. Upon finding the way back, Diego (David Castañeda), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Vanya (Ellen Page), Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher), Luther (Tom Hopper), and Allison (Emily) were met by a surprisingly still living father and brother, and a bunch of total (presumably powered) strangers living under their old roof who call themselves the Sparrow Academy.

While it's clear those dramatic changes are the direct result of the Hargreeves' highly questionable actions in the past, we really haven't a clue what they might mean for the series' third season. 

We should also note that as of this writing, Netflix has yet to officially give the green light to a new season of The Umbrella Academy. It's a safe bet that a third go-'round will be announced sometime in the near future, though, because The Umbrella Academy continues to rank among Netfilx's most binge-able series. And while we grapple with our angst over when that renewal news will come, it's mostly because we cannot wait to see what's ahead for Klaus Hargreeves. Truth is, we're every bit as curious to see what his old cult is up to in this new timeline.  

Will Klaus go full diety in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy?

Here's a question: does Klaus' pop culture sermon-riffing mean that neither Gloria Gaynor nor TLC scored hits with "I Will Survive" and "Waterfalls," respectively? Maybe those supremely soulful ladies joined his cult sometime after his departure, meaning Klaus might've inadvertently helped write those iconic tracks. Yes, these are the real dilemmas that arise when quantum entanglement comes into play. 

Anyway, if you've yet to indulge in a binge of The Umbrella Academy season 2, we won't spoil much of the story. Suffice it to say, once the Hargreeves kids find themselves scattered and alone in 1960s Texas, things get a little weird for everyone. That's not entirely true for Klaus, however, as he spends his time in the '60s doing the most Klaus thing possible: starting a cult.

When we catch up with Klaus early in season 2, his following appears to be a few hundred strong and growing. And even as Klaus exits Texas in that finale, his crew is clearly not ready to leave their life of pop culture communion behind. In fact, when last we saw them, they were still trucking about in that magic bus and picking up new members, the last of which being former Commission killer Axel (Kris Holden-Ried). 

That's sure to become a story in an of itself. But as it is, Klaus' crew is almost certainly still functioning in the new 2019, and we can only imagine how they'll respond when their adored leader resurfaces after a decades-long absence. That has us wondering how Klaus will react if his followers deem him a legit deity, because that seems like a very dangerous (if also likely hilarious) prospect for everyone involved. 

Hopefully we'll find out in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy