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Boseman's Last Text To Black Panther Producer Is Heartbreaking

Chadwick Boseman was an inspiration to many, and as it turns out, he spent his final days working to improve the lives of others.

Shockwaves rippled throughout the entertainment industry and the world on Friday, August 28, 2020, when Boseman's family revealed that the Black Panther star had lost a four-year-long battle with colon cancer at the age of 43. Keeping his diagnosis completely private from the public and many of his collaborators was a personal act of courage, and the fact that Boseman made many of his most important and impactful films – including Black Panther, Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods, and more — while struggling with his illness makes the physical feats involved in them simply unbelievable.

Directors like Ryan Coogler, who helmed the first standalone film for Boseman's King T'Challa, have admitted in the days since Boseman's passing that not even they knew about the star's cancer diagnosis, which progressed from stage III to stage IV in the four years between his diagnosis and death. With that in mind, every interaction between Boseman and his friends and family is now seen in the light of his own illness, including a text he sent to one of Black Panther's executive producers. This final exchange with one of his colleagues tells fans even more about what a considerate and kind person Boseman was right up until the very end.

Chadwick Boseman's last text to one of his producers will break your heart

As Nate Moore, one of the executive producers on Black Panther, told PEOPLE, he and Boseman shared some touching final words shortly before the actor passed away. Together, the two partnered with the Make-a-Wish foundation to help provide comfort and joy to children diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

"It was during lockdown, and we worked together to get a young boy a voice note from T'Challa, as well as a package of toys — no easy feat when we weren't allowed to leave our homes or go to the office," Moore said. "But Chad figured out how to make it work because he cared so intently, and in hindsight, so personally."

Moore then told PEOPLE exactly what Boseman's final text to him said: "It broke me, man. But we need to do that for them. People deserve abundant life, special moments. They've been through hell battling disease. If we were able to ease their suffering and bring joy for a moment, and hopefully moments has he goes through the bags, then we made a difference in his life."

Moore added after sharing the text message with PEOPLE, "Again, hindsight will tell us that Chad felt that way because he too was battling a disease. But I don't think that's true. I think that's just who he was as a man. A leader and a caregiver first, who accomplished both of those things as a performer and as a regular person."

Chadwick Boseman's colleagues have been speaking about his tragic death

Moore had more to say, including that Boseman was "intimidating" but in a good way: "Much has been said about his presence when he walked into a room. I'd argue that the intensity of his gaze was also unparalleled [...] Because as intense as his gaze was, his smile could light up the sky."

Collaborators like Coogler have also shared their memories of Boseman, all the while marveling at the strength it must have taken to keep his diagnosis a secret. As Coogler told The Hollywood Reporter in an incredibly emotional statement, "Because he was a caretaker, a leader, and a man of faith, dignity and pride, he shielded his collaborators from his suffering. He lived a beautiful life. And he made great art. Day after day, year after year. That was who he was. He was an epic firework display. I will tell stories about being there for some of the brilliant sparks till the end of my days. What an incredible mark he's left for us."

Chadwick Boseman's poignant words will be remembered forever

Meanwhile, other friends are sharing the last messages they ever received from Boseman. Josh Gad, who starred alongside Boseman in the Thurgood Marshall biopic Marshall, recently posted screenshots of a message from Boseman encouraging Gad to enjoy life, spread love, and appreciate everything — even rainy Los Angeles afternoons.

"If you are in Los Angeles, you woke up this morning to the rare and peaceful sound of a steady precipitation. If you're like me, maybe you looked at the week's forecast and found that it's supposed to rain for three straight days; not without breaks of sunlight and reprieves of moist gloom, but yeah it's gonna be coming down like cats and dogs. Great. We're stuck inside these damn quarantines because of the Covid, and now we can't even get no sun in Cali. Come on now!" Boseman wrote to Gad. 

He continued, "But now that the rain has stopped and today's storm has cleared, I urge you to go outside and take a DEEP breath. [...] Inhale and exhale this moment, and thank God for the unique beauties and wonders of this day. We should take advantage of every moment we can to enjoy the simplicity of God's creation whether it be clear skies and sun or clouded over with gloom. And hey, if the air is this clear right now, and it does rain tomorrow, I might even put jars and bins out and catch the rain. Throw that in the water filter and I have a water more alkaline than any bottled brand out there." 

Losing Boseman is hard enough for his fans, but this talented star's death — which cut short an extraordinary career — is clearly having an enormous effect on the people closest to him as well. Our thoughts are with Boseman's friends and family during this time of grief.

Boseman's Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including Black Panther, are available to stream on Disney+ now.