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The Horror Thriller Movie That's Scaring People On Netflix

Moving is scary, even if the living situation you're in isn't great. In 2020, going from place to place is scarier than ever. However, despite the risks (and, in some cases, specifically because of them) a lot of people are packing up and moving right now. According to one study from the PEW Research Center, approximately 22% of people in the United States have moved in 2020 specifically because of COVID-19.

And to reiterate — moving is scary! Moving costs money! Moving involves interacting with lots of people we don't know in the hopes that a new and unknown place will somehow be a better home than wherever we hung our hat before. Sometimes you get lucky, but sometimes you get the unfixable leaky faucet or a neighbor from hell. It's a lottery!

If you're looking for a movie to help manage the anxiety of moving (through horrific catharsis, that is), then Netflix has the movie for you: 1BR. The 2019 thriller suddenly skyrocketed into Netflix's top ten streaming movies, so let's talk about why people are into it and why you might want to watch it, too.

Afraid of new apartments? You will be.

Here's the set-up for 1BR (with some minor spoilers to follow). Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom) has recently moved out of her parents' home after an argument with her father. After looking for a new place in Los Angeles, Sarah finds herself adopted by the friendly community of the apartment complex that unexpectedly accepts her application. What Sarah doesn't know is that the community is actually a cult looking to forcefully indoctrinate her into their "family."

If you're interested in 1BR but not sure if you'll be able to stomach it, here's a spoiler-lite breakdown. While this is no American answer to New French Extremism, there are physical components to the indoctrination. And since Does the Dog Die has yet to weigh in on 1BR, let's also just say that Sarah has an orange tabby named Giles, and things don't go great for him.

1BR is tense, scary, and feeds into more than just an anxiety of moving. Sarah's story begins with her life in a state of flux, in which she no longer feels connected with her family. Let's be real: plenty of us feel that way these days, and it's easy to fall prey to someone or something offering safe harbor when we feel so utterly unmoored.

1BR is the first feature film from writer-director David Marmor, and it's always exciting to see what a new filmmaker will do to twist the classic elements of suspense storytelling. There are plenty of relative newcomers in 1BR, but if you're looking for that sweet horror veteran action, Taylor Nichols (Murder She Wrote, Perry Mason) plays cult leader Jerry, and Naomi Grossman (who plays opposite him as Janice) you might recognize as American Horror Story fan-favorite Pepper.

1BR is streaming on Netflix now.