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Why We're Worried About Grace In Umbrella Academy Season 3

Spoilers for the first two seasons of The Umbrella Academy follow

Season 2 of Netflix's bonkers pseudo-superhero bonanza The Umbrella Academy has arrived, and it continues to melt the minds of superfans the world over. That's largely the result of a wild second season finale which — after answering some of the show's more pressing questions — punctuated season 2 with about a million more.

As a third season of The Umbrella Academy has yet to get the green light from Netflix, the question is not only when, but if we'll find out what the Sparrow Academy is and what became of the O.G. Hargreeves kids in this starkly transformed timeline. Those are only a couple of the questions raised in the final few minutes of The Umbrella Academy's season 2 finale — and while we're hoping to get details about those unexpected twists sooner than later, there are a couple of big questions still looming over the series from earlier season 2 episodes.

One of those unknowns has fans genuinely worried about the fate of the woman and/or machine who played Mom to the would-be supers throughout their early days in the Hargreeves household. For the record, we're throwing that "and/or" in there because, as of The Umbrella Academy's second season, Grace (Jordan Claire Robbins) has officially appeared as both. 

While robot Grace was clearly among the best-loved characters in the first season of The Umbrella Academy, the appearance of human Grace in the 1963 timeline was certainly among season 2's most welcome surprises. That she was romantically involved with Colm Feore's Reginald Hargreeves (a.k.a. "Reggie") in the '63 timeline was not entirely a surprise, however, as it helps explain his inspiration for replicating an idealistically "perfect" version of her in the future. 

It's the fact that "Reggie" needed to replicate Grace at all that has The Umbrella Academy fans desperate to learn what became of the original.    

Will Grace return for season 3 of The Umbrella Academy?

When last we saw Grace during season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, she'd discovered Reginald's secret lair, and found inside what looked to be intricate plans that put her "Reggie" squarely at the center of the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. It was, of course, Diego (David Castañeda) who'd put her on the path of snooping after planting the seed that "Reggie" was likely up to no good in Dallas. Upon confronting Reginald with her findings, the man-slash-alien-in-a-man-suit hardly denied his involvement, and asked Grace to trust that he's on the side of right.

She couldn't, and promptly excused herself from the moment. More importantly, she didn't turn up again at any point in The Umbrella Academy's second season; which raises the question of just how much Diego might've altered Grace's future by cluing her into Reginald's questionable doings. The great unknown remains whether Grace merely walked out of his life altogether, or if some greater calamity befell her.

There's also the matter of the Sparrow Academy to consider, as it's presumed they're an alternate group of supers adopted by Sir Reginald after learning of his failures with the original crew. As robot Grace was first conjured to keep the increasingly dangerous young Vanya in line, it's worth wondering whether the presence of an indestructible "nanny" was needed if Reginald never adopted Vanya in the first place. Given that Grace is not on hand when the Hargreeves kids get back to 2019 and find the alternate super-team standing in the shadows, it's possible robot Grace never came into existence at all.

As such, Grace may not even be around for season 3, and we can only hope The Umbrella Academy offers answers about her fate if (more likely when) the new season arrives.