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Darrell Sheets' Most Bizarre Storage Wars Find Ever

Storage Wars will forever hold a place in television history as something of a modern-day treasure hunt. The cast would attempt to make a fortune off of people's abandoned loot, ranging from some seriously valuable finds to stuff that is better off in the dumpster. While the goal was always to make big money, it was highly entertaining just to see what unusual artifacts hide in those big, metal storage lockers.

Every member of the Storage Wars crew has their fair share of success and failure stories, but few live for the thrill of the hunt more than Darrell Sheets. Dubbed "The Gambler," Sheets built a reputation on his willingness to spend big to make big money back. He hits the jackpot often thanks to his nearly three decades in the storage container trade. Even still, his track record isn't spotless, as he, like anyone, does have the off day now and again.

On one particular occasion, Sheets and his son, Brandon went out hunting per usual, with high hopes. They dropped $1,150 on a container and were ready to get to work. Their hope of striking proverbial gold was dashed as they dug deep into their expensive treasure trove, uncovering something that can only be described as downright weird. What they pulled out would easily take the cake as Darrell Sheets' oddest Storage Wars discovery.

Darrell Sheets loves his wooden skull clock

When the father-son duo explored the locker, they stumbled upon a small box full of packing peanuts. Sheets reached in and pulled out a small, wooden skull on a stand with a few spots of paint and large, eerily human eyes. They were understandably puzzled and inspected the object, learning that the back of the head came off, revealing a series of gears and cogs. They concluded that they were looking at a very unique clock, for lack of a better term, that potentially held a hefty price tag.

As if their bounty wasn't strange enough, Darrell took things a step further with his unexpected reaction. While he held it and looked it over, Brandon jokingly said, "It looks like it's looking at you right now," to which Darrell replied jokingly that, "It probably is," before landing a kiss on it and placing it back in the box. It's clear he was just joking around for the camera, but the entire scenario came off as bizarre.

Darrell Sheets' gamble didn't pay off like he'd hoped

At first glance, a clock like this doesn't appear to hold any serious monetary value. This specific one, however, dates back to the early 20th century and is a product of the J. Oswald Company. They made a bunch of different designs back in the day, ranging from dogs to genies, all retaining the same moving eye gimmick that told the time. In pristine condition, one of these antiques could fetch thousands at auction, as serious collectors are willing to pay a premium to get a hold of an original.

Sadly for Sheets, peculiar didn't equate to profit this time around, as according to appraiser Tick Tock Tony, the item in question was not an original Oswald clock. The casing was a reproduction, therefore Sheets was only looking at around $150 for it, tops, as opposed to the much nicer payday a real one promised. It was disappointing to hear, but as "The Gambler" said himself, "You can't win them all."