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Here's What Brandon Sheets From Storage Wars Is Doing Now

Fans of the mega-hit A&E show Storage Wars tune in for two reasons: the high-stakes gambling involved in making blind bids on unclaimed storage lockers that could be full of treasure or trash, and the wild bunch of characters doing the wheeling and dealing. It's not surprising that a show focused on people willing to pay thousands of dollars for something they don't actually get a chance to see first attracts an eclectic group of people. Cast members like young couple Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante and the eccentric Barry Weiss are major draws for the show, but for many fans, Darrell Sheets and his son Brandon are the reason they've tuned in for so many seasons.

While Darrell earned his nickname "the Gambler" through his audacious high risk, high reward bidding style, his son Brandon was known for his strong-willed personality and ability to stand up to the older auctioneers who tried to write him off because of his young age. He often butted heads with his father while being taught the tools of the trade, but the two also shared in plenty of successes, including some of the highest payouts in the show's history. When season 10 of Storage Wars rolled around, though, fans noticed that Brandon was inexplicably absent from the cast. This left longtime viewers wondering why he wasn't on the show, and what he's been doing since.

Brandon Sheets' controversial exit from Storage Wars

Storage Wars hasn't exactly been free of controversy. There have been multiple failed spin-offs, on-set scraps between cast members, and even allegations from cast member Dave Hester that the entire show is staged. Brandon's father, Darrell, has also been embroiled in his own squabbles. Before the seventh season of the show, TMZ reported that the elder Sheets was threatening to walk away from the show after learning that his pay was being dramatically slashed and he would only be appearing in 4 of the 26 episodes.

Whether those reports were true or not, Darrell remained on the show through season 12 — but Brandon departed after the ninth season. Before the premiere of season 10, Brandon took to Twitter to explain his absence: "I am no longer affiliated with Storage Wars, Darrell will still be in new episodes but I have been told I am no longer on the show (budget)," he tweeted.

Although his original tweet implying he was laid off for budgetary reasons was relatively even-handed, in a follow up a few months later, he expressed anger over the show's handling of his departure, tweeting, "Funny how @AETV fired me for lack of budget but they still have their people follow me on Social media and want me to do free stuff."

Brandon Sheets is a father, real estate sales agent, and home chef

It won't come as a surprise to fans of Brandon Sheets' feisty, can-do attitude that by all appearances he's been doing quite well since being dumped from Storage Wars. He and his wife Melissa live in Arizona, where Brandon is a real estate agent with Keller Williams. After being known as his father's son for so long, Brandon is a new father himself. His son, Laiden Shaun Sheets, was born on November 10, 2019. In an Instagram post, Brandon celebrated the addition to his family: "I couldn't be more proud of my wife [...] I love you so much @melissalove44 you made us a beautiful baby boy, I'm so thrilled for everything to change." Brandon Sheets is also father to daughter Addilyn.

Another important aspect of Brandon Sheets' post-Storage Wars life is cooking. All across his Instagram page are photographs of his culinary creations — from "Beastie BBQ Boy Boneless Chicken Thighs" and an Italian pasta bake to strawberry pancakes with maple bacon and sausage patties and even homemade fried chicken. There's plenty of steak, tacos, and sandwiches on Brandon's personal menu as well — evidence that he's become quite the talented home chef over the years.

Brandon's "Average Middle Class Life" after Storage Wars

Since the end of his Storage Wars run, Brandon Sheets has also tried his hand at comedy, posting a series of satirical videos about himself and his family titled "Average Middle Class Life," which spoof high-end lifestyle content.

Although Brandon seems to be loving life away from TV, Storage Wars aficionados shouldn't count out the possibility of a Darrell and Brandon reunion on their screens. Rumors have swirled that Darrell is trying to bring Brandon back for the show's unannounced 13th season, and Darrell himself even addressed the possibility in a twitter interaction with a fan. "I would agree to do a final season with my Dad but the circumstances would have to be right for me," he tweeted. "I have a Family and need to think of them first now. But I'd love to work with [my dad] again!"

Will the Sheets family bid again?

At the moment, there has been no official announcements from A&E about a 13th season of Storage Wars. However, fans of the show are hopeful that the series, which has spawned multiple spin-offs over the years, will continue on. Even if it does, it's unclear if either Darrell or Brandon will be among the cast.

So, what's Darrell Sheet been up to? In 2019, after a prolonged illness, he suffered what he described in an Instagram post as "a mild heart attack" while at a Justin Timberlake concert. After the incident, Brandon tweeted a touching tribute to his father. "Been through a lot with my Dad but in the end he is always my Father. I've never seen him like this and it was tough fighting a bunch of raw feelings. So much I wanted to say and do but just the couple hours I got to see him was good," he wrote.

Since then, Darrell has been focusing on recovering and improving his health, so it remains to be seen if that will include another season of high energy storage unit auctioneering with his son.