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Liza Koshy's Reaction To This Prank Was Absolutely Priceless

This content was paid for by Quibi and created by Looper.

Do you remember Punk'd? It was a hidden-camera show on MTV on which Ashton Kutcher pranked his famous friends. It's been a long time since the show was last rebooted for BET back 2015, but now the show is back again, this time with Chance the Rapper on streaming platform Quibi. A new show and a new host means all new marks and all new pranks.

This time, we're talking about YouTube star Liza Koshy who you might know from her original series Liza on Demand. Koshy has been building a social media brand since she built up 7 million followers on Vine. She eventually became the fastest YouTube personality to ever reach 10 million subscribers.

Before the Punkening begins in earnest, Koshy thinks she's giving an interview. She gives inspiring words to the interviewer and gets ready to leave looking like she's on top of the world. Little does she know ...

Liza Koshy and the case of the broken nose

As Liza Koshy exits her interview, she struggles to open a heavy door. What Koshy does not know is that Jagger, a young actress, is waiting on the other side to pretend Koshy has bashed her in the face with the door, thus breaking her nose.

Acting exactly to plan, Koshy forces the door open, sending it directly into Jagger's face. Koshy immediately begins apologizing while, covered in blood, Jagger confesses to being a big Liza Koshy fan. While Koshy desperately tries to get Jagger to seek medical attention, Jagger convinces Koshy to walk with her outside to see her family instead.

After walking outside and up some cobbled steps (kind of a long journey for a girl with a broken, bloody nose), the pair arrive at a bat mitzvah. But this isn't just any bat mitzvah — it's Jagger's bat mitzvah, and now Jagger is asking a dazed Koshy to take part in it.

Liza Koshy's first bat mitzvah

"So, this is my bat mitzvah. It's five more minutes. It would mean a lot if you were here with me," Jagger tells Koshy. Koshy numbly sits between Jagger and her "aunt."

"What happened," asks Jagger's aunt. "I'm so incredibly sorry," Koshy says, before Jagger adds, "She didn't mean to."

"I think I might have hurt her nose," Koshy admits before the rabbi comes over the inspect the situation.

"I was coming out of a door and her nose got hit." Poor Koshy is so overwhelmed by what's happening that, while she knows she's at a bat mitzvah, she hasn't really understood that this is the bat mitzvah of the girl whose nose she's broken. "This is your bat mitzvah," says Koshy.

Jagger's fake bleeding has stopped. And while Koshy is concerned about the long-term damage to Jagger's broken nose, Jagger's aunt dismisses the concern, saying, "She'll get a new one anyway, it's fine. We all do that."

At this point, Chance the Rapper, who has been laughing the entire time, is confident that Koshy will do just about anything to get out of the guilt of this dire situation — and he's almost absolutely right! Jagger asks Koshy if she will join her for the end of her bat mitzvah and Koshy agrees, although she looks incredibly confused to be involved.

Liza Koshy gets Punk'd by doves

Punk'd still has one more trick up its sleeve, though. The rabbi leads Koshy and Jagger in a prayer that involves Jagger covering a prayer shawl in some of her nose blood, which makes poor Koshy feel even worse. After struggling to speak Hebrew, Koshy is asked to help with the end of the ceremony as well. Jagger has asked that she finish her bat mitzvah by releasing two doves as a symbol that there can be peace on Earth. But this is not Peace on Earth: The Show, this is Punk'd, so the dove releasing is designed to go wrong. 

Jagger asks Koshy to help her pull the rope that will release the birds, but rather than the birds being released, the box containing them falls, along with a bunch of wires. Another young woman standing next to a craft table covered with champagne glasses is hit with the falling detritus and does a pratfall into the table. Mortified, Koshy rushes to the aid of the fallen, now-drenched woman to make sure she is okay. Standing in between one girl soaked in sparkling wine and another covered in blood, believing every tragedy at this bat mitzvah is her fault, Koshy resigns herself to the madness of the situation and declares to the two girls, "You know what — I'll get you champagne and a new nose and I'll get you a towel."

At this point, Chance lets Koshy off the hook, running in to hug her. Knowing that she's actually done no harm, Koshy almost becomes excited, exclaiming, "Is this Punk'd? Is Punk'd back?"

Yes, Punk'd is back, and up to its old tricks in terms of rocking celebrities' worlds, as evidenced by Liza Koshy's reaction to this increasingly elaborate scenario.