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Bill & Ted Face The Music Cast And Crew Reveal Their Favorite Movie Moments

Bill & Ted Face the Music is a trilogy capper decades in the making, bringing beloved actors and their characters back together for one last emotional ride through time, space, heaven, and hell. Stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have always maintained passion for their dopey musician alter-egos over the years, and they finally get another chance to put it to work, all in the name of saving reality itself with one really radical song. It's a labor of love to put in the kind of effort required to release another Bill & Ted movie so many years later, and that wasn't lost on its cast — if anything, it turned a job into an experience of a lifetime. 

During a panel discussion promoting the upcoming film for SDCC@Home 2020, moderator Kevin Smith asked around the Zoom call about everyone's favorite moments from the production. Individual as their answers may have been, there was an overarching theme in their happy reminiscence: reunion and togetherness. Here's what the cast and crew of Bill & Ted Face the Music found most impactful during their time on set.

That old familiar (and familial) feeling

There was a definite throughline among the cast's individual standout moments: a sense of group camaraderie enhancing the experience of filming. Samara Weaving (niece of Hugo Weaving and a rising star in her own right) brought up the poignancy of seeing Reeves, Winter, and co-star William Sadler (who plays Death) reunite for their first scenes together, describing it as "intimate." Sadler cited much the same emotion himself upon working with Reeves and Winter again, saying that it felt like they hadn't been apart at all and were right back in sync with each other. Winter, in particular, described the feeling of being "in that groove" with his co-stars, truly feeling like Bill and Ted are tangible again, but with the added weight of being older with canonical children, as being very important to him. Reeves put it most emphatically: "I mean I can't feel, or laugh, or do anything like the way working on Bill & Ted does, and working with Alex."

Screenwriter Ed Solomon highlighted a fun and unexpected overlap of cinematic worlds when he as one of his favorite moments from filming. Production on the film was halted for a few days in anticipation of a hurricane, so the whole cast and crew ended up seeing a showing of John Wick together, complete with a little bit of hosting input from Reeves himself — talk about ideal theater experiences. But even that objectively radical moment is just as much about experiencing the shoot as something like a familial unit, as Solomon noted himself. That kind of joy and passion can only translate to quality when Bill & Ted Face the Music hits theaters and VOD on September 1.