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American Horror Story: Season 6 Poster Reveals New Creature

The sixth season of American Horror Story is less than a month away, and aside from a bunch of vaguely terrifying teasers, there's been no word about the setting or plot. But a new promo poster might shed some light on one of the characters.

Entertainment Weekly posted the official image, and it features a shadowy, horned creature with pointed ears and dark eyes. Could this be the big monster for season 6? After all, season 2 had Bloody Face and season 4 had Twisty the Clown. Movie Pilot thinks the character could be Satan himself. Look for yourself.

Of course, showrunner Ryan Murphy has made a habit of releasing teasers that have nothing to do with the show's plot.

Potential spoilers for American Horror Story season 6

Although Murphy hasn't let anything slip about the upcoming season, TMZ posted photos from the set in California, and one theory checks out. Sources say the storyline will be connected to the colonial Roanoke mystery, which took place off the coast of North Carolina around 1600.

If you slept through history class, a group of colonists reportedly vanished from an encampment on Roanoke Island. The Lost Colony, as it came to be called, was led by an Englishman named John White. When White returned from a trip back to England, all 100 colonists had disappeared. All that remained was the word "Croatoan" carved into a tree. One of the new photos shows just such a carving.

American Horror Story season 6 premieres Sept. 14 on FX.