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The Order: Will There Be A Season 3 On Netflix?

The first season of Netflix's horror-infused drama series The Order ended on a divisive note. After ten episodes of protagonist Jack (Jake Manley) uncovering the secrets of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose and forging allegiances with the Knights of Saint Christopher, the show seemingly hit the reset button in the season's final moments. After Jack was able to put an end to his estranged father Edward's (Max Martini) plans to harness a dangerous amount of magic, he, along with all of his fellow Knights of Saint Christopher, had his memory wiped.

Thankfully, the series returned on June 18, 2020 for its second season. The deus ex machina ending that some fans saw as clunky turned out to be the catalyst for a lot of fantastic plot developments in season 2. With the main antagonist from the first season magically sealed in a book, season 2 took the show in some unexpected new directions, but one thing that remained the same was its bombshell of an ending, which had us screaming when we saw there was no next episode to which to skip.

By the end of season 2 of The Order, there were a lot of questions on our mind. The biggest one, however, is whether we should expect to see a third season of the series.

Netflix hasn't announced season 3 of The Order yet

At the time of writing, there hasn't been an official announcement from Netflix about whether or not we'll be getting a third season of The Order, but that's no reason to lose hope. The show's first season premiered on March 7, 2019, and the streaming service didn't announce that it would be returning for season 2 until March 28 of that same year (via Deadline). Obviously, we'd love to have an answer about season 3 right now, but at this stage of the game, no news is good news.

Even without an announcement, there is reason to be hopeful that a third season is going to happen. The creator of The Order, Dennis Heaton, spoke to TVInsider about the possibility of another season of the series. In that interview, he did acknowledge that getting a renewal is a matter of the numbers, saying, "All fingers crossed that we get the viewers." He did, however, sound optimistic that he and his team will have the opportunity to further explore the world of Belgrave University.

There is also a lot of confidence on display in the ending of season 2. Far from wrapping everything up in the finale, the season ended with a number of doors left wide open for another installment.

Season 2 of The Order left us thinking that Jack will try to revive Alyssa

We can't talk about season 2 of The Order without getting into one of the most shocking events of the series thus far: Alyssa's (Sarah Grey) death. After spending the season mostly at odds with her former ally Vera (Katharine Isabelle), Alyssa manages to strip the Grand Magus of her magic powers. Before she can celebrate the defanging of her rival, however, Alyssa is brutally attacked by the werewolf Midnight.

The attack leaves Alyssa with a significant chunk missing from her throat. In her final moments, Jack begs a dying Alyssa to return Vera's magic so that Vera can save her life, but Alyssa dies before she has the chance. It's a heartbreaking moment, and a significant curveball, as Alyssa was one of the central characters of the show, especially in the second season.

Before the episode's end, however, the writers added a big fat question mark over the whole ordeal. The last shot we see before the credits roll is Jack carrying Alyssa's lifeless body into the woods. He's also carrying something else: The Vade Maecum, an extremely powerful book of spells, presumably to try and revive her. Given how many unintended consequences the use of magic has in the world of The Order, we can only assume it's not going to be as simple as saying a few abracadabras.

We still need to see what Vera will do to get her magic back on The Order

Another big question is what becomes of Vera now that she has lost her magic. When Alyssa died, the ability for her to return Vera's powers died with her. In this way, Vera's fate is deeply tied to whether Jack will be successful in his apparent quest to revive Alyssa. The whole situation is a great example of how the show manages to raise the stakes by weaving the fates of many different characters into the outcome of a single event.

Of course, Vera has demonstrated before that she's pretty good at getting her way. Over the course of the first two seasons, we've seen how adept she is at using her various magic abilities to consolidate power, but even without them, she's likely to still be a force to be reckoned with. As Heaton told TVInsider, "Knowing that character and knowing how much fun it is to work with Katharine Isabelle, Vera's going to do whatever it takes to get that magic back."

And those are just the two biggest open-ended plotlines at the end of the second season. With so many intriguing narrative threads brought to the fore in the finale, we're waiting with bated breath for the moment when Netflix finally announces The Order season 3.