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The Ending Of The Wrong Missy Explained

Contains spoilers for Netflix's The Wrong Missy

There's nothing quite as embarrassing as sending an important text to the wrong person. The recently released Netflix comedy from Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions, The Wrong Missy, takes this modern nightmare and pushes it to an extreme and hilarious degree. Uptight corporate man Tim (David Spade) finds himself with two Missys in his life: One is his perfect match, and the other is loud, obnoxious, and impulsive — all qualities he can't stand. When Tim texts — or so he thinks — the Right Missy (Molly Sims) an invitation to join him at a corporate retreat in Hawaii, he's horrified when the Wrong Missy (Lauren Lapkus) boards the plane and he realizes he got their numbers mixed up in his phone.

The movie is a fun throwback to raunchy rom-coms of the past, and features a star turn by Lauren Lapkus. She not only makes the audience root for her crass character, but when the film takes an emotional turn in its final act, she also imbues the Wrong Missy with a depth that might catch you off guard.

So, how does this comedy of errors resolve itself? Let's break down everything that happens at the end of The Wrong Missy, including the celebrity cameo that will have '90s kids screaming.

Tim and the Wrong Missy get close in Hawaii

When the Wrong Missy first joins Tim in Hawaii, he's embarrassed and annoyed with her behavior. However, she begins helping him make inroads with his cantankerous boss, Mr. Winstone (Geoff Pierson), which causes Tim to have a change of heart about his accidental date. At a company talent show, Missy reveals that she hypnotized Mr. Winstone so that he would have fond feelings for Tim. Afterward, the two go on a date, during which they open up about their pasts and do some genuine bonding.

Of course, the sweetness is just the appetizer course. Missy wants to sleep with Tim, so the two retire to his hotel room. While Tim is out trying to nab them some marijuana (all he can come up with is hemp toothpaste), his ex-girlfriend, Julia (Sarah Chalke) shows up looking for him. Missy invites her in and the women bond over a few drinks. When Tim returns, Missy announces that she thinks Tim and Julia need to "ride the B.U.S." — a.k.a. have one last steamy night post-breakup. At first Tim thinks Missy is excusing herself for the night, but by now he should know that she intends to join them in a ménage à trois.

It doesn't take long for the threesome to turn into a twosome, as Tim and Missy's simmering attraction quite literally knocks Julia out of the bed. She politely leaves the two to consummate their relationship.

Missy is heartbroken when she finds out she's the Wrong Missy

Unfortunately, Tim and Missy's romance comes to an abrupt end the next day. At a company function, one of Tim's corporate rivals decides to get back at him by telling Missy the truth about how she ended up with him in Hawaii in the first place. She goes back to Tim's room and reads the text messages he had sent the Right Missy, telling her that he meant to invite her and now he's stuck in Hawaii with "a lunatic."

Heartbroken and humiliated, the Wrong Missy leaves just as the Right Missy arrives at the hotel, having been invited by Tim's scheming colleague. Although this would have been his dream a few days before, watching the Wrong Missy go leaves Tim feeling sad and hollow. At lunch with the Right Missy, Tim gets drunk for the first time since college and falls off the balcony at the restaurant. When he hits the ground, he has a flash of memories of the time he spent with the Wrong Missy and realizes that she brought something into his life he didn't know he needed.

When Tim gets back to Portland, he watches a video from the retreat of Missy yelling at his colleagues to quit their jobs. He then goes to Mr. Winstone's office and un-hypnotizes him, which results in his immediate firing. Now that he's free from the job he hates, Tim can win Missy back.

Tim realizes his feelings for Missy, and wins her back with some help from Vanilla Ice

In the final scene of The Wrong Missy, we see Missy at a bar, waiting to meet a man from a dating app. He texts that he's wearing a black sweatshirt and hat. When Missy goes to the only person fitting that description at the bar, it turns out to be none other than Vanilla Ice, a rapper from the '90s who was a one hit wonder with a little song called "Ice Ice Baby." Anyone familiar with his playful dirtbag persona knows that he's as perfect a match on paper for the Wrong Missy as the Right Missy is for Tim.

The two start to hit it off, but then Tim appears. He reveals to Missy that Ice isn't the man she's supposed to be meeting from the app, and explains that he was pranking her by pretending to be someone else at the bar, the same way she had done on their first date.

Tim tells Missy that spending time with her opened his mind to new possibilities for his life. He realized that he doesn't want to be a straight-laced guy all the time, that he wants to be spontaneous and have fun. After revealing that he quit his job, he says, "It's only been a couple weeks, but I don't like my life as much without you."

By now, Missy realizes that his sentiments are genuine, and she gladly takes Tim back. After Vanilla Ice declines to join the couple for a between-the-sheets pas de trois, they kiss and make up.