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Extraction: The Truth About Chris Hemsworth And David Harbour's Characters

Contains spoilers for Extraction

Extraction has been a rousing success story for both Netflix and the team behind the movie, and it's no surprise that a sequel is already in the pipeline. Sure, it's going to be a while before we get to venture in Tyler Rake's (Chris Hemsworth) world again, but fortunately, the original film continues to be a gift that keeps on giving. There are tons of small details you might have missed in Extractionand the narrative only briefly touches on the backstories of some of its most enticing characters.

A particularly interesting figure in the movie is Gaspar (David Harbour), an ex-mercenary who has made his home in Dhaka. Rake and Gaspar are former teammates who are on good enough terms for Rake to seek out Gaspar in a pinch. However, when Gaspar figures out that Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the boy Rake is protecting after rescuing him from a kidnapping, has a bounty of $10 million over his head, the former brothers in arms come to blows. It goes badly for Rake, but ultimately ends in Gaspar's death, thanks to a last-minute intervention by Ovi. 

Though Extraction shows us the tragic end of the pair's relationship, it's pretty clear that there's a lot more history between them than we get to see. Here's the truth about Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour's characters in Extraction.

Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour's characters know each other very well

In an interview with Steve Weintraub of ColliderExtraction director Sam Hargrave revealed some of the backstory between Tyler Rake and Gaspar, even venturing into potential spoiler territory. 

The two men are old squadmates who trained together, spent considerable time in the private military sector together, and even hung out during their off time. As years went by, however, their paths went in different directions: Gaspar chose to make a life for himself in Bangladesh, while Rake pushed on. This history is why Gaspar was able to gain an upper hand in their fight. The two have a very similar training, and though Rake has kept more active lately, he had already soaked so much damage at that point that Gaspar could effectively utilize his skill set against the familiar opponent.

Oh, and in case you wondered why Gaspar's relatively small role was offered to a star of David Harbour's caliber, Hargrave dished the story. Harbour was very much a part of the list of people the Extraction team wanted to work with, and they were extremely happy with his audition. So too were the folks at Netflix; the streaming service's brass enthusiastically backed up Harbour's castingand were over the moon as soon as the popular Stranger Things actor's name came up in connection with Extraction. Good call, folks. 

Hemsworth's Rake is all but guaranteed to appear in the Extraction sequel, and since the next movie might potentially be a prequel, there's a chance we may see Harbour's Gaspar again in a vastly expanded role.