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All Frozen 3 Rumors And Spoilers Leaked So Far

Frozen II has barely cooled off its run in theaters, but already fans are clamoring for information about a possible third installment of the wildly popular Disney franchise. While there has been no official announcement of a threequel, Disney would have at least one pretty big incentive in that Frozen quickly became the highest-grossing animated film of all time upon its release — that is, until it was bested by Frozen II.

At the end of that film, audiences saw a change in leadership in Arendelle, with Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) leaving the kingdom in her sister Anna's (Kristen Bell) capable, if often highly impulsive, hands. Elsa moved up north to the enchanted forest to live with the Northuldra, where her magic is better understood by the natives. Of course, the sisters are as close as ever, with Elsa hitching a ride with her magical water horse to get back to Arendelle for family game nights with her sister, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad), and Sven the reindeer. The film also saw Anna and Kristoff finally get engaged after a number of false starts throughout the movie.

Could Frozen 3 see a royal wedding?

So, what could Frozen III bring? Well, for starters, fans could probably set their hopes on seeing a royal wedding in the third installment. We could see Anna, who is now Queen of Arendelle, having a lavish wedding for the people to enjoy (with the gates open, of course).

Considering the fact that Kristoff tried on multiple occasions to propose to Anna during the course of Frozen II, with poor timing and word choice thwarting his plans every time but the last one, there may also be a few obstacles for the couple to face before they can actually say their "I do's." Whether Disney will be able to stretch those obstacles out over the course of an entire film or not would be up for speculation, but if this is the case, you can be sure that the likelihood of those obstacles being magical in nature is extremely high.

Is Elsa's love life ever going to be addressed?

But what of Elsa's love life? Her story deviated from the norm established by Disney for its princesses, as most other women of her station find their prince during their movies. In Frozen, her sister Anna certainly did (although it ended up not working out very well for her), which has led some fans to question Elsa's sexuality. Many in the LGBTQ+ community were hopeful that Elsa might come out and find herself a girlfriend in the second installment, even leading a campaign accompanied with #GiveElsaAGirlfriend back in 2016. 

While it never came about in the second film, perhaps there is hope yet. Speaking to Refinery29, Menzel cryptically offered up just a smidgen of hope for fans when asked if a girlfriend were in the cards for Elsa, saying, "Maybe one day in another incarnation or another sequel, who knows."

It's important to note, though, that Elsa's journey so far has been about the young royal trying to "find and build the love inside for herself." We've all heard the old adage that you need to love yourself first; well, it looks like that's more important right now for Elsa, and Jennifer Lee, Disney Animation Studio's Chief Creative Officer and co-director of the both Frozen movies, agreed.

"With Elsa, we did all of these personality tests, these in depth questionnaires, we did journaling, we did all of this, and it was saying she's just not ready for a relationship and we weren't going to force something," Lee explained. "She'll tell us where to go. And she told us, 'I've got to know the origins of my powers.'"

Of course, this seems to indicate it is something the creative team have contemplated, and maybe it'll come into play for a third film now that Elsa seems to have found her place in the world.

Jennifer Lee on the possibility of Frozen 3

As we mentioned, there has been no official announcement from Disney about a third installment in the beloved series. Lee seems to be content with the end of Frozen II being the finale of the franchise, but she also indicated at the time of the sequel's release that "we always say 'never say never'" (via Yahoo).

After the roaring box office success of Frozen II at the tail end of 2019, Lee again opened up about what the future might hold for Elsa and Anna during a conversation with Deadline in December of that year.

"I know this sounds crazy, but I'm still hoping we did right by Frozen II," she said. "I'm still in that overwhelming position of, our kids just went out to the world. Everything feels final, but also bittersweet. Time will tell if we have more story to tell, or if anyone even wants it. So, there you have it. Right now, I feel very done."

Co-director Chris Buck weighs in

Chris Buck, Lee's co-director and writer of the two films, echoed a similar sentiment to Insider, while decidedly leaving the door open for a third installment. "I mean, nothing ever closes the door," he said. "As we say in our lives, 'never say never.' But for us, that's what got us figuring out what the story [of Frozen II] a few years ago. What if we could tell one complete story? A lot of things in Frozen II answer some of the questions in Frozen, or questions you didn't know about." In other words, don't expect an announcement for the third film anytime soon. Both Lee and Buck feel there's at least the need for a break before they revisit the topic of a possible third film.

It's worth noting that there was a significant break between the first and second films as well. Frozen was released in 2013, and it took six years before the second one dropped in cinemas — owing to the fact that Frozen II was even harder to make than the original.

So, even if we do happen to get an announcement relatively soon, the third flick wouldn't be hitting theaters for awhile. In fact, if the gap between the first two films is an indication of the time we can expect to wait for a third, fans shouldn't get their hopes up to see it anytime before 2025.

Kristen Bell could be the key to getting Frozen 3

Bell, who has played Anna in both films, seems to have other ideas. The actress told Hollywood Life that she's already prepared to return not just for Frozen III, but also Frozen IV and Frozen V.

"Well, listen... even though I have zero authority and no control, I would like to formally announce Frozen 3, 4 and 5. And I just want Disney to hear that — that I'll be showing up and I'll be in the [sound] booth regardless, so let's do it! Let's do it! Again, I have no control, but I would like to formally announce it."

Another Hollywood Life article indicated that Lee would be on board with this, but that "it may take a 'good idea' from Kristen [Bell]" to get the studio on the bandwagon for more films.

"She is so talented," Lee said. "She was instrumental to Anna's journey, and I'm so proud that she joined us on saying, 'Look, Anna's ... you look to her as the optimist [but] we all go through struggles. I have struggles every day, and I choose to be this way, and get up off the floor and never give up, and that was the journey that Anna should have.' And we agreed. So she's been an incredible partner in it, so maybe she has a good idea [for Frozen III]."

Idina Menzel is also on board — under the right conditions

Much like her onscreen sister, Menzel is also open to more Frozen films. And just like Bell, she's definitely open for at least another three, according to Parade. "I can see a Frozen 3. I can see a Frozen 3, 4, and 5, it's whether they want to make them," Menzel said. "I'm happy to be involved."

Menzel does seem to think, though, that the long break between the first two films is what resulted in the sequel being such a huge success. "What I find so commendable is that the creative team waited a really long time to make sure that they had the right story and weren't exploiting it just for a sequel," she explained. "They really waited until they had the right ideas and formed them and took their time with that, and I believe that that's why [Frozen II is] equally as good [as the first]."

It seems Menzel is quite content for there to be some time before Disney announces another Frozen... but, as fans, we kind of just wish the studio would go ahead and get on it.

Could an old villain return for Frozen 3?

While this means that any theories relating to what might be happening in a potential third installment are pure speculation, Screen Rant has some ideas about what could come back to haunt the sisters. As the website points out, there's an unusual lack of an actual villain in the second film. However, Frozen had a villain who was central to the story, and played at being a hero for most of the movie. 

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (Santino Fontana) appeared early on in Frozen, and had a whirlwind (to put it mildly) romance with Princess Anna. It was only at the end of the film that we discovered he was actually trying to become King of Arendelle, with evil plans to get rid of both Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. This being a Disney film, he was, of course, defeated by the time the credits rolled — but unlike most other Disney villains, he was technically still alive and well the last time we saw him, chucked in a cell and ready to be shipped back for his 12 older brothers to deal with.

Screen Rant offered up the idea that the third film could bring the old villain back, after he was alluded to on multiple occasions during Frozen II. The groundwork has certainly been laid for perhaps one of the most hated princes in recent Disney history to make a comeback, considering he hasn't been forgotten by the story's heroines — and if he does, that would certainly throw a wrench in the works for Anna and Kristoff's wedding plans. Not that we think Anna would ever again give him the time of day, but he could still cause plenty of trouble for the royal couple.

Frozen 3 could mine more inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen

The original Frozen film is loosely based on author Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale, The Snow Queen. Andersen's catalog includes some of the most recognizable children's stories of all time, including The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling. Until Frozen came out, it's fair to say that The Snow Queen was one of his lesser-known works. Screen Rant recently speculated that Disney might dip back into the Danish raconteur's rich oeuvre to build out the plot of Frozen III. The Mouse House has enjoyed decades of success working with Andersen's source material, so why change a winning strategy?

In Frozen II, the creative team behind the blockbuster animated franchise expanded the world of the film far beyond the four corners of Arendelle. Audiences got to explore locations like the Enchanted Forest, which alluded to popular elements from Andersen's greater body of work. With the bar set so high for the third entry in the franchise, it makes sense that the studio might elect to run with the plot from another fairy tale that lines up well with the message and tone of Frozen.

Andersen's story The Wild Swans features a protagonist with a name that will sound familiar to fans of the Frozen movies — Princess Elisa. She lives with her father, the King, and 11 princely brothers ... until the King makes the ill-advised decision to marry an evil witch who turns Elisa into a swan. The Snow Queen and The Wild Swans are sibling stories in many ways, since they both share themes of vulnerability, sacrifice, and sisterly love. It would certainly fit well within the established world of Frozen.