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The Green Knight Release Date, Cast And Plot

Since its formation less than a decade ago, A24 has transformed itself from the little indie production house that could into a major presence in the Hollywood landscape — not to mention a regular player in the awards season rumpus. The company done so by taking a swing-for-the-fences approach to indie cinema, releasing some of the riskiest, most exciting, and most disturbing films of the past decade – like modern horror masterworks The Witch (2016) and Hereditary (2018), heartfelt indie dramas Lady Bird (2017) and Moonlight (2016), and more left-of-center fare such as Under The Skin (2014) and A Ghost Story (2017). 

A24 has also built strong working relationships with some of the more intriguing names in indie cinema — including A Ghost Story director David Lowery. The company is set to re-team with Lowery this year for what could be its most ambitious project yet: The Green Knight, an adaptation of the famous Arthurian tale. The forthcoming feature is based upon the anonymously penned epic poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight from the late 14th century, which tells the story of its two titular characters and the mysterious challenge the former accepts from the latter. 

If you're at all familiar with that mind-blowing tale — or David Lowery's distinctive cinematic style (see also Ain't Them Bodies SaintsPete's DragonThe Old Man and the Gun) — then you're probably beyond stoked to get a look A24's The Green Knight. If not, trust us when we say you should be. Here's everything we know about the film so far.

What's the release date for The Green Knight?

First thing's first, anyone interested in seeing David Lowery's adaption of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is probably anxious to find out what it's release date is. Thankfully, we have a clear answer. Per The Green Knight's breathtaking trailer, shown above, the film will arrive in theaters on May 29.

That late-May debut date is particularly interesting since it suggests the folks at A24 believe The Green Knight is big enough to play amongst early summer blockbusters like Marvel's Black Widow (May 1), Fast 9 (May 22), and DC's Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5).

Of course, one look at The Green Knight's trailer would be enough to inspire such confidence, as it appears both Lowery and A24 have gone bigger than ever before in their desire to bring the story's epic scale to the screen. Still, you'll also notice that Lowery also seems to be taking a uniquely grounded approach to the material, which means The Green Knight may not be quite as over-the-top as it initially appears. Even if The Green Knight doesn't quite match the bombast of its summer movie season competition, you can bet it will best them all in terms of style and story — which means that, if nothing else, it should make for a solid bit of counter-programming to the typical summer tentpole fare. 

Who's in the cast of The Green Knight?

When The Green Knight does battle with some of 2020's biggest movies (and the mammoth promotional budgets of the major studios who produced them), it'll do so with a first-rate cast. However, the actor at the center of the film's narrative will actually be competing against himself at the box office when The Green Knight is released. The actor is the great Dev Patel, who will not only be fighting his way through The Green Knight as Sir Gawain this May, but will also be looking to score a few laughs in Armando Iannucci's The Personal History of David Copperfield, which opens on May 8.

As Patel sets out to bring a pair of beloved literary confections to life on the big screen this summer, he'll do so in The Green Knight opposite a handful of indie film all-stars and A24 vets. Filling out the cast of The Green Knight is Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina) as Lady Bertilak, Joel Edgerton (It Comes At Night) as Lord Bertilak, Barry Keoghan (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) as a character known as "Scavenger," Sean Harris (Trespass Against Us) as King Arthur, Ralph Ineson (The Witch) as the Green Knight, and Kate Dickie (The Witch) Queen Guinevere.

What's the plot of The Green Knight?

If you're wondering exactly what The Green Knight is about, you probably skipped a few English Lit classes in high school. But far not — if you missed out on some lectures, didn't  bother with the assigned reading, or have merely forgotten all about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, we're happy to offer a dramatically abridged version of the story here.

The tale is centered around King Arthur's erstwhile nephew Sir Gawain, a largely untested knight of Camelot's famed Round Table. Sir Gawain unexpectedly accepts a life-or-death challenge from the monstrous titular knight, and after a surprising twist, he's forced to embark on an epic journey to honor his side of the challenge. Along the way, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight becomes an Odyssey-styled epic as Gawain's honor, valor, and mettle are repeatedly proclaimed, questioned, and tested.

There's a lot more going on within The Green Knight's narrative, but delving too much into the plot would spoil things. If you want to get all the nitty-gritty details, hold out for what David Lowery and A24 are offering in The Green Knight, due in theaters on May 29.