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Superman And Lois Lane Series - What We Know So Far

Television fans, there's more third-wheeling one of DC Comics' most iconic couples in your future. 

In October 2019, The CW announced it had put into development another Superman television series, this one entitled Superman & Lois

As reported at the time by Deadline, Todd Helbing, the executive producer of the DC show The Flash, is writing the series. Meanwhile, Greg Berlanti, who has been instrumental in shaping the current landscape of the DC television world, is executive producing alongside DC luminary Sarah Schechter. 

This new series will fill a void as other DC series come to an end – Arrow, which started the DC series, is in its final season — and will hopefully kickstart a new generation of hour-long shows for the popular franchise. Though Superman and Lois Lane's relationship story is one that's been told repeatedly over multiple decades, the first of which graced the small-screen back in 1952 during Adventures of Superman, the upcoming CW series is being touted as different than previous incarnations. 

Here's what we know so far about Superman & Lois Lane.

What's the release date for Superman & Lois?

Superman & Lois Lane doesn't yet have a release date, though IMDb has the show slated for release in 2020. Neither IMDb nor anyone involved with the series has offered any additional details regarding when DC fans can see one of the franchise's oldest couples back on their television screens. 

However, given that the confirmed cast list stands at just two as of January 2020 (more on them in just a bit), it's likely that Superman & Lois Lane won't premiere until late 2020, if IMDb is accurate with its information. The show will probably launch in the fall, considering all that still needs to go into the production at this stage and how broadcast television seasons tend to run. From our perspective, it seems most plausible that the CW will aim for a mid-to-late-September premiere for Superman & Lois Lane.

Who's in the cast of Superman & Lois?

Superman & Lois will be welcoming two familiar faces from the Arrowverse to its cast. Tyler Hoechlin is returning to pull on the iconic Superman cape, while Elizabeth Tulloch is reprising her role as Lois Lane. The pair have acted opposite one another in their respective roles on a number of shows throughout the Arrowverse's crossover events. Hoechlin has made appearances as Clark Kent mostly on Supergirl, while Tulloch has portrayed Lois Lane on Supergirl, The Flash, Batwoman, and the Crisis on Infinite Earths story arc. 

Taking to Instagram to tease his involvement with Superman & Lois, Hoechlin gushed, "I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to tell this story [...] I couldn't ask for a better partner than @BitsieTulloch in all of this. I've already learned so much from her and I know that won't stop anytime soon. So thank you @gberlanti and everyone else who brought her in as our Lois Lane. All the people behind the scenes care so much about these characters and their lives and the parts to which we'll be speaking about, it gives me great comfort to know that they'll steer us in the right direction. Thank you to everyone that said 'yes' to this project (Warner Brothers, DC, CW). We won't let you down. It's going to be a grand adventure. Can't wait to get to work!"

While it's probably a safe bet that other Arrowverse characters and actors may make occasional appearances on Superman & Lois, no other cast members have been officially confirmed as of January 2020.

What's the plot of Superman & Lois?

Unlike in the Superman films, Superman & Lois will look slightly different in terms of content. Supes may be one of the strongest superheroes around, but he's also just a guy when he's at home. The series is said to follow the Clark Kent and Lois Lane as they balance their private lives as parents with their professional lives as journalists — as well as Clark's badass crime-fighting career while moonlighting as the Man of Steel.

Though no specific plot for Superman & Lois has been confirmed by the CW, it'll likely be something similar to the '90s reincarnation of the couple in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. That series focused more on the couple's relationship than Supes' nighttime job, showing them traversing the twists and turns of a romantic relationship that presumably has just a little added strain on it given the fact he's a superhero. Only this time, there's the little pitter patter of baby feet to contend with as well.

While she couldn't reveal much else about the show's plot, Tulloch did speak briefly to TVGuide about Superman & Lois, teasing that the story is something quite special: "When Todd Helbing was telling me about the story for the pilot script for Superman & Lois I got chills. It's so good, and it's something we haven't seen before with them, so I think it's going to be great."