The Funniest Bloopers Of The Past Decade

It's easy to forget just what goes into making a movie when you're elbow deep in popcorn at your local cineplex. The average length of a Hollywood picture has been creeping up over the last decade (the top ten summer movies of 2019 averaged out at 125 minutes each, according to The Hollywood Reporter), but we still usually only see a fraction of what's been captured on film. A scene that might last a few seconds on screen could've taken several hours to shoot, and sometimes the delay has nothing to do with technical issues.

Actors are human too, and they mess up just like the rest of us. It's not always easy to keep a straight face when you're delivering lines that are designed to crack an audience up, but as viewers, we love nothing more than seeing our favorite stars get the giggles. The 2010s produced a bounty of hilarious gag reels, and we've rounded up the very best of them for you. Let's take a look back at the funniest movie bloopers of the past decade.

Melissa McCarthy loses her temper in this classic blooper

The funniest moment in Judd Apatow's midlife crisis comedy This is 40 was shown as the credits were rolling. Melissa McCarthy only had a small role in the film, but she stole the show when she improvised a hilarious, expletive-laden rant in a school principal's office. In the film, the two-time Oscar nominee plays a no-nonsense mom who's furious with co-leads Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann because they threatened her son after he said something mean about their daughter. Mann and Rudd are barely able to contain themselves as McCarthy flies off the handle, informing them (and the principal) that she's going to end them all.

"I would like to rear up and jackknife my legs and kick you both in the f****** jaw with my foot bone," McCarthy tells the married couple. "I wish my f****** foot would go right through your skull." Her co-stars are already gone at this stage, but McCarthy roars on for nearly two full minutes. When the school principal briefly interjects to ask McCarthy if she's been drinking, she tells them that she's going to start drinking their blood if she doesn't get answers. "Probably I'm gonna start with Karen Carpenter's head," she explains, pointing at Mann. "I'm gonna rip her head off, and I'm gonna drink her blood." The blooper went viral in 2019 after McCarthy was nominated in the Best Actress category for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

T.J. Miller's R-rated Deadpool roast

Former YouTube star Ray William Johnson met T.J. Miller on several occasions during the height of his fame, and the actor was apparently machine-like when it came to firing off jokes. "It was a challenge to get him to stop doing bits," Johnson said. Miller was in the same form when he sat down opposite Ryan Reynolds to film a scene for 2016's Deadpool. The former Silicon Valley star played Weasel in the critically and commercially successful superhero flickand he made full use of the movie's R-rating while hurling insults at its hero.

Speaking ahead of the release date, Miller revealed that he recorded a number of bits for this specific scene that were considered too offensive, even for Deadpool. When the blooper reel was later released, we got to see exactly what he was talking about. Miller lands blow after blow on Reynolds' Wade Wilson, who was left horribly scarred after being subjected to the experiments that gave him his powers. "You look like somebody turned your face inside out and then just left it there, but then you got in a house fire," Weasel tells Wade. "God, you look a house fire was in another house fire."

According to Miller, Reynolds is great at improv ,and he gave as good as he got during their exchanges. "We did kind of go back and forth, and it just got more and more hateful," Miller said, before adding, "It was very ... heavy duty."

Kumail Nanjiani practices his stand-up routine

Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily V. Gordon were nominated in the Best Original Screenplay category for 2017's The Big Sick, the near-universally acclaimed romantic comedy based on their real-life love story. Nanjiani's first encounter with Gordon (the fictionalized version of whom is portrayed by Zoe Kazan) was when she heckled him at a stand-up show in Chicago. They started seeing each other, but they kept their relationship hidden from Nanjiani's Pakistani parents, who wanted him to enter into an arranged marriage. Eight months into their secret relationship, Gordon fell ill and had to be put into a medically induced coma. She was diagnosed with a rare and dangerous disorder called Still's disease, throwing everything into perspective for Nanjiani.

Nanjiani stayed at Gordon's bedside during the ordeal, and (in the movie version, at least) he used his time in the hospital to work on new material for his stand-up routine. The Big Sick's gag reel contains some pretty funny bloopers, but Nanjiani's bits were so good that he could barely keep a straight face as he delivered them. "You know how after guys pee they always wash their hands? They should wash their hands before they pee, because my penis is way cleaner than my hands," Nanjiani says in one unused clip. "My penis has not been handling filthy money that's been in circulation for 20 years, the only thing my penis has been handling is its business."

Ronan accepts Star-Lord's dance-off challenge

Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprisingly big hit for Marvel Studios, which, at the time, had yet to really venture into the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Audiences loved the aesthetic and the fun that the movie brought to the table, lightening the mood significantly after Captain America: The Winter SoldierJudging from the jam-packed gag reel, the actors had just as much fun making the movie as we did watching it, and it turns out that one of the stand-out scenes from the movie produced one of the best bloopers.

In the final cut, Lee Pace's Ronan the Accuser looks incredulous when Peter Quill (a newly jacked Chris Pratt) challenges him to a dance-off, hoping to keep him distracted long enough for his comrades to destroy the radical Kree's warhammer and release the Infinity Stone inside. But in one take that didn't make it to the final film for obvious reasons, Ronan actually accepts Star-Lord's challenge, and the dance-off begins.

James Gunn knew that he'd captured a little bit of magic on film when all this went down. The director started building up the dance-off blooper not long after the movie was released, telling Paper Bug TV that it was one to watch out for. "We have this big scene with all of the characters dancing and all the extras dancing," Gunn said (via "It's going to be a great behind-the-scenes."

Keegan-Michael Key and Bryan Cranston get too close for comfort in one of the decade's funniest bloopers

Why Him? wasn't one of the best comedies of the last decade by any stretch (the film is "solidly cast but overall misconceived," according to Rotten Tomatoes), but it did produce one particularly hilarious blooper. The film revolves around a dad's (Bryan Cranston) efforts to stop his daughter's super rich, tech-bro boyfriend (James Franco) from proposing. Cranston and Franco's back-and-forth does bring on the odd chuckle, but the Breaking Bad star's funniest interaction is with Franco's friend/trainer/PA Gustav, played by Keegan-Michael Key.

In one scene, Cranston gets stuck in Franco's bathroom when the millionaire's fancy, paperless toilet malfunctions. The only way he can get cleaned up is if the system is manually rebooted, and that's where Key comes in. "Keegan was't actually supposed to come into the room in that scene, but the night before, I rewrote the scene because I was like, 'I have Keegan, and I have Bryan on the toilet, I think he should come into that bathroom,'" director John Hamburg said. It was a small scene, but it took a very long time to film because Cranston just couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. "I would just kind of move into frame, really, really slowly, as close as I could next to his face," Key recalled. "Every single time he would break. ... He must have apologized 56 times. ... You can palpably see the frustration."

Will Ferrell cracks up Kevin Hart

Saturday Night Live star turned Hollywood A-lister Will Ferrell had to come out and defend the racist character he played in 2015's Get Hard, reminding viewers that his intention was to mock the elite with his portrayal of clueless hedge fund fat cat James King. In the film, King is about to be sent down for fraud, so he offers to make African-American car wash owner Darnell (Kevin Hart) rich if he gets him ready for life in prison. "As much as my character knows about financial dealings and how to make a lot of money, he really is completely ignorant about the rest of how the world works," Ferrell said (via The Independent).

In one scene, Darnell (who hasn't actually been to prison but takes King up on his offer anyway) simulates a prison riot for his millionaire client. Things get out of hand, and King ends up with a shiv sticking out of his forehead. The unlikely pair get in a car and head for help, and the exchange that follows had audiences (and Kevin Hart) cracking up. We only got to see a small part of this exchange in the finished picture, but thankfully, the gag reel has an extended version of this scene, including all the jokes that got cut. As hard as he tried, Hart just couldn't keep it together as Ferrell put on a masterclass in improv comedy, which was apparently a common occurrence on set. And who could blame Hart for laughing? After all, we can't help but love Ferrell for all his hilarious bloopers.

Thor can't catch his hammer in this Avengers blooper

If you're a Marvel fan, there's nothing quite like seeing Earth's Mightiest Heroes assemble on screen, but this classic blooper from 2012's The Avengers reminds us that as serious as the stakes may seem, it's all fun and games on the set. Included as an extra on the DVD and Blu-ray releases, the Avengers gag reel drew back the curtain on Marvel's first big team-up movie. There were some pretty funny moments on the reel (a blood-spattered Agent Hill swearing to avenge Coulson and Loki turning into Alan Rickman being two of the best), but the one that really caught everyone's attention was Thor failing to catch his Asgardian warhammer, Mjølnir.

In the finished film, Thor gracefully catches his weapon. But in the gag reel, the actor misses Mjølnir, with the hammer flying past his hand and bouncing off his shoulder. And seriously, Chris Hemsworth must've had butter with his breakfast that morning because the hammer prop (which is clearly way, way lighter than it comes across on screen) just keeps slipping through his fingers as he practically juggles it in slow motion. You could argue that it would be difficult to catch a hammer thrown from distance, even if it's not real, but it wasn't thrown from distance at all. The blooper was also caught from above, and a different angle reveals that the guy tossing the hammer to Hemsworth is literally right in front of him. God of hammers, he is not.

John Cena's dirty talk is too much for Amy Schumer

Professional wrestler John Cena impressed director Judd Apatow on the set of 2015's Trainwreck, which was the WWE superstar's first real shot at showing people that he could be funny. Cena grabbed the opportunity with both hands and decided to put his own spin on his character, Steven, the gym freak that our titular trainwreck Amy (Amy Schumer, playing an exaggerated version of herself) is casually dating. According to Cena, the couple's super cringey but utterly hilarious sex scene was originally a lot different.

"It was supposed to be an overly physical scene," Cena told Larry King (via Complex). "Big guy, you know, 'I'm sick of being with this guy because he's too physical.' And then we got into a room, and we started to ad-lib, and both Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow were so receptive to the kind of twist I put on the character that we ditched all the physical humor and just made it a very uncomfortable scene. It was very awkward, and at the end of the day, it ended up being pretty funny." We can't argue with him there, but we think the bloopers from this scene are even funnier.

Schumer wrote the screenplay, so she shouldn't have been surprised at how hilarious this scene was, but Cena's ad-libbing clearly caught her off guard. The actress struggles to contain her laughter as Cena serenades her with basic Mandarin, asking where he parked his car.

Ken Jeong can't figure out the child locks

When The Hangover made a killing in 2009 (Todd Phillips' Vegas-set comedy raked in $467 million from a $35 million budget), more movies were inevitable. The franchise was huge in the early part of the decade, with 2011's Part II and 2013's Part III making close to a billion dollars between them. The combination of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and, on occasion, Ken Jeong made for some memorable moments, and the blooper reels from both sequels are hilarious. Seeing Helms trying and failing to hide his grin as Galifianakis wails like a baby in one unused take from Part III is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, but for us, the best Hangover blooper is from Part II.

The scene in which Phil (Cooper), Stu (Helms) and Alan (Galifianakis) steal a gangster's monkey for the second time leads to a memorable chase scene and one of the movie's most iconic lines ("They shot the monkey!"), but it didn't get off to a good start. The script called for Jeong's Mr. Chow to tell Stu to whistle for the monkey, but he was supposed to open the window for him. Jeong tries to do just that, but the child locks are on, and he has no idea how to turn them off. Watching a great improviser like Jeong stay in character as he desperately tries to unlock the window never gets old.

Emma Watson gets her penguin movies mixed up in one of the funniest bloopers of the past decade

Emma Watson was reportedly so uncomfortable with some of the jokes in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's apocalypse comedy This Is the End that she stormed off the set and refused to do a particular scene, but before the Harry Potter star split, she dropped the ball in one hilarious blooper. The cast (including regular Rogen collaborators James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Jay Baruchel) all play themselves in the movie, which took their real life relationships and reworked them into a film about the end of the world. Compared to her comedic co-stars, Watson clearly wasn't super comfortable when it came to ad-libbing, and that showed when she tried to reference a movie and got it completely wrong.

The scene takes place during a star-studded party at James Franco's house, where Jay Baruchel is being quizzed by Watson and Craig Robinson about his taste in movies. "March of the Penguins, c'mon! Nicole Kidman? A tap-dancing penguin?" Watson says, before Baruchel (staying in character) corrects her. "That's Happy Feet," he says, to the amusement of the crew and Watson herself. The Brit bursts out laughing at her mistake when she probably should have went with it. After all, the moment might've made the final cut because it was pretty funny. At least we got to see it in the gag reel, which was undoubtedly one of the best blooper compilations of the last decade.