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Does Frozen 2 Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Frozen 2 is finally in theaters, and the movie is shaping up to be every bit the blockbuster that its record-breaking predecessor was. Critical response to the sequel has been largely positive, audiences are buying tickets in droves, and the flick is blowing minds with its darker, more mature narrative and absolutely gorgeous animation.

Of course, all of this was to be expected — but as a blockbuster film in the modern age, Frozen 2 arrived with the same question attached as every movie fitting that description. That question: can I vamoose as soon as the credits start to roll, or should I keep my butt in the seat for a post-credits scene?

Well, we won't keep you in suspense: yes, the movie does indeed feature a brief post-credits sequence, but that's not the only good reason to stay put. Before you get to the scene in question, you'll be treated to alternate versions of three of the flick's fantastic songs, which is reason enough to hang out and finish off that extra large tub of popcorn during the credits.

First, you'll hear Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) belting out his own version of the ballad "Into the Unknown," Frozen 2's answer to the original film's ubiquitous hit "Let It Go." Like its award-winning predecessor, the tune is sung by Elsa in the film. Next, you'll get a sweet acoustic version of "All is Found," which is heard near the beginning of the movie, performed by Anna and Elsa's mother (Evan Rachel Wood) in a flashback; the alternate version is sung by country superstar Kacey Musgraves. Finally, rock icons Weezer take on "Lost in the Woods," the comedic tune belted by Kristoff in the movie proper; all of these alternate takes of the movie's tunes, one of the best parts of Frozen 2, are worth sticking around for.

Then, once all the credits have rolled, we catch up with Olaf — and please be advised, if you haven't seen Frozen 2 yet, that spoilers follow.

What do we see in Frozen 2's post-credits scene?

Frozen 2's post-credits sequence builds on both an inspired gag and a heartbreaking moment from the movie, both having to do with Olaf. Near the beginning of the film, the cheerful snowman hyperactively recounts the events of Frozen, helpfully pantomiming them just to make sure everyone gets the idea, in order to explain just how the gang got to where they were (with Elsa and Anna navigating a treacherous enchanted forest on the outskirts of their kingdom of Arendelle). 

Later in the movie, there's a brutally sad moment in which Olaf melts away while Elsa is trapped in ice, but thanks to the fact that "water has memory" — a recurring theme throughout the movie — Elsa is able to use her magic to restore him.

During the post-credits scene, Olaf recounts the events of the movie we've just watched in the same energetic fashion as before, pointing out that he was right about water having memory, and reassuring his audience that everything is okay, he's still alive. Then, however, it turns out that we aren't the audience he's addressing.

"I live, and so do you," he says — and it's then revealed that he's regaling the giant snow monster from the first movie, along with dozens and dozens of baby snowmen, with his story.

It's a perfectly cute ending to Frozen 2, which appears destined to rake in all of the bucks while stealing just as many hearts as the first flick. It also serves to illustrate that today's tentpole films will almost always reward the audience for hanging around during the credits — and why not? The folks who work hard to bring us such quality entertainment deserve the recognition, and since we've been conditioned to expect post-credits scenes by Mighty Marvel, they're getting more than they ever have before.