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Does Joker Have A Post-Credits Scene?

One of the most highly anticipated films of 2019, Todd Phillips' Joker has generated what feels like an unprecedented amount of buzz in the time leading up to its release. People want to know everything there is to discover about the gritty, character-driven film focused on the man who becomes Gotham's clown-faced super-criminal: What did Joaquin Phoenix do to prepare for his role as Arthur Fleck? Will there be a sequel to the movie? And, perhaps most pressing, is there a post-credits scene in Joker?

Luckily for fans out there, we have the answer to all three questions — including a confirmation on whether Joker has an after-credits stinger. 

Plainly put, Joker doesn't have a post-credits scene. According to the lucky few who saw Joker debut at the Venice Film Festival in Italy at the end of August, the film wraps up like any other movie does: with the final frame, followed by a few minutes of credits. 

ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis was one of many who noted that Joker goes without any sort of juicy teaser or extra scene after the main movie ends — something that subverts the comic book movie standard. Usually, films in the genre feature at least one post-credits scene, meant to tease a follow-up film and establish that the movie viewers just watched is the first in a burgeoning franchise. Since Joker was envisioned as a standalone project and aims to reinvent what comic book adaptations are, it's not surprising that it doesn't feature a sequence after the credits stop rolling. 

Before anyone gets too distraught over the lack of a post-credits scene, we should make it clear that Joker went without such a sequence in its pre-release screening, so there remains a very slim chance that the theatrical version of the movie could feature something tasty once the credits finish. It doesn't seem all that likely that studio Warner Bros. is saving a post-credits scene for the official cut of the film — especially since, at present, it doesn't seem Joker will ever get a sequel – but hey, anything can happen. 

Joker not featuring a post-credits scene certainly hasn't affected how audiences feel about the flick. Critical reviews for Joker have been absolutely astounding, with countless regarding it as a masterpiece that redefines who the Joker is as a character, what comic book movies can be, and how superheroes and super-villains can reflect our current society. Post-credits scene or not, Joker clearly isn't a movie to miss. 

Also featuring Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, and Brett Cullen, Joker is set to hit theaters on October 4.