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Antlers Trailer: Guillermo Del Toro's Newest Horror Pits Keri Russell Against Terrifying Beasts

Horror master Guillermo del Toro is back with a new nightmare.

The new trailer has dropped for the filmmaker's newest project, Antlers, which depicts unsettling scenes filled with dark hallways, odd stories, and mysterious monsters. Del Toro produced the film, with Crazy Heart and Black Mass director Scott Cooper sitting in the director's seat. 

Starring Keri Russell — who recently wrapped up her acclaimed series The Americans and will appear in the next Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker Antlers centers around her small-town Oregon teacher character Julia Meadows and her brother, the local sheriff Paul Meadows (played by Black Mirror alum Jesse Plemons), as they get involved with a stunt who harbors a terrifying secret. The first trailer first trailer shows Russell's Julia listening, concerned, as the young boy tells her a creepy story about a family of three bears. At first, the bears are all happy together, but as the story progresses, they suffer from lack of food and other maladies, and the scenes running underneath the story get progressively scarier.

After winning the Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director for The Shape of Water, a gentler version of del Toro's typical eerie fairytales, it's clear that the Pan's Labyrinth director is returning to his classic horror roots with this frightening feature. Director Cooper, too, is turning back to the familiar: before he helmed his three most recent films Out of the Furnace, Black Mass, and Hostiles, Cooper wrote, produced, and starred in the 2009 horror flick For Sale by Owner

There's no release date for Antlers just yet, but it's expected sometime in 2020, so we'll update you as this new scary story takes shape.