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Bryan Cranston Has One Condition For Your Honor Season 3 - And It's Big

Bryan Cranston left his mark on the world of prestige dramas by expertly embodying Walter White on "Breaking Bad." It's a role that continues to define his career, and the actor reprised the character on "Better Call Saul" even after his show ended. Following his AMC series' finale, Cranston made the leap to another fantastic drama, Showtime's "Your Honor," an underrated series that recently received a second life on Netflix. With the renewed interest surrounding the show, it begs the question as to whether Season 3 could materialize despite it being announced that Season 2 would be the last installment.

A year before its current run on Netflix, Cranston revealed to Deadline that there had been some discussion about a continuation, but it all comes down to one thing. "Showtime has indicated there is interest and we're very proud to know that every episode in Season 2 increased in the audience from the previous week," the actor stated. "If it happens, fantastic but it'd have to be some great reason to keep expanding in this world and to find out where the allegiances are." "Your Honor" Season 2 ends with Cranston's Michael Desiato finally coming clean with the truth and winding up back in prison as a result. It might be hard to justify breaking Michael out again, but a theoretical "Your Honor" Season 3 could always make someone else the lead.

That's what Cranston thinks would be best, and, frankly, he seems more open to coming back to "Your Honor" in a different capacity than its star. "I'd be very interested in producing that," he said. "I don't know about being in it because my guy's back in prison."

Bryan Cranston was delighted to see Your Honor succeed on Netflix

Of course, Bryan Cranston's comments regarding a potential "Your Honor" Season 3 came in April 2023, and there hasn't been any official news regarding a renewal since then. Still, "Your Honor" has expanded its fanbase immensely since popping off on Netflix, and that kind of attention hasn't gone unnoticed. On June 28, the actor shared his delight at seeing "Your Honor" excel on the streaming service. "Hey everyone," he posted on Instagram. "I just heard that YOUR HONOR has been on [Netflix's] Top 10 the entire month!! Wow. I am blown away Thanks for watching."

Cranston may be wary of pursuing more "Your Honor" without the perfect story to tell, but it's clear fans want more as soon as possible. There have been an array of calls for "Your Honor" Season 3 on X (formerly known as Twitter). User @anthnybuford bluntly stated, "Netflix need to make a season 3 for your honor. that show was too good." Whether Showtime or Netflix would be behind the hoped for renewal, @BreadwinnerTe4 just needs to see it happen: "Your Honor not having a season 3 should be a crime in itself fr."

While it may disappoint some to hear "Your Honor" Season 3 isn't actively in the works, it's a good thing that Cranston doesn't want to pursue it purely for the sake of having more episodes. This type of approach to his work is something that he's consistent about. Wanting the right story is the same demand he has before he'd consider coming back as Walter White for any future "Breaking Bad" projects as well. For now, anyone who hasn't experienced "Your Honor" can check it out on Netflix.