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NCIS: Origins BTS Photo Reveals The Cast Of The Young Gibbs Series In Costume

With fans getting ready for the approaching fall premiere of "NCIS: Origins," cast member Mariel Molino has shared a photo on Instagram of herself and three of her castmates, including Austin Stowell (playing a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs), Kyle Schmid (as Mike Franks), and Caleb Foote (as Benjamin "Randy" Randolf). Molino herself plays Special Agent (and former Marine) Lala Dominguez. She and Schmid look like they're in costume — or at least geared up — while the other two are not.

Molino captioned the image "Just me and the boys," and although she didn't offer up any more details of where the photo was taken or what they were doing at the time, it seems likely that it was taken during filming for the new series. Stowell and Schmid, of course, are playing the younger versions of characters long established on the original "NCIS," where they were portrayed by Mark Harmon and Muse Watson, with Harmon slated to appear offscreen — at least for now — as a narrator on "NCIS: Origins."

Even an intriguing NCIS: Origins cast hasn't made some fans happy

"NCIS: Origins" will delve into the early history of both NCIS (back when it was known as the Naval Investigative Service) and Leroy Jethro Gibbs, detailing the latter's career evolution as well as perhaps the tragedies and experiences that shaped him. In addition to Gibbs, Franks, and new characters Dominguez and Randolf, the show will also feature Tyla Abercrumbie as Field Operation Support Officer Mary Jo Sullivan, Robert Taylor as Gibb's father Jackson, and Diany Rodriguez as a younger version of Special Agent Vera Strickland, who made just one appearance in the original show, where she was played by Roma Maffia on Season 11, Episode 3, "Under the Radar."

Despite the promise to explore much of the backstory of Gibbs and other "NCIS" characters, some fans aren't happy that the show even exists. Fans of "NCIS: Hawai'i" plan to boycott "Origins," claiming that CBS wasn't ready to carry or budget both programs and decided to go with what the network deemed to be the safer bet with audiences. Whether the combination of Stowell, Schmid, Dominguez, and the rest of the cast — along with the perpetual tease of Mark Harmon himself showing up at some point — will change their minds remains to be seen.