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What Thanos' Servant 'The Other' From The Avengers Looks Like In Real Life

In 2012, fans finally got to see Earth's mightiest heroes band together to battle Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the worst brother in Asgardian history. Throughout "The Avengers," the God of Mischief wreaks absolute havoc. He leads an alien army, destroys much of New York City, and lays the smackdown on some of our favorite Marvel champions. However, the film does not shy away from letting viewers know that Loki is not working alone and answers to a much bigger threat. By the end of "The Avengers," fans learn that it was Thanos all along. Of course, 2012 Loki was still beneath the conqueror's cosmic paygrade, meaning the God of Mischief had to work with the latter's loyal servant: The Other. 

While The Other's tenure was brief, immense props still need to be given. The character only appeared on-screen with the heaviest of hitters, he had an extremely cool look, and his voice is downright epic. Fans have American actor Alexis Denisof to thank for The Other's short but memorable run.

The Other is only seen in two films and never far from his Titan master. In "The Avengers," he utters the film's final live in the post-credits scene, helping usher in the Mad Titan's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two years later in "Guardian of the Galaxy," the robed character enters a shouting match with Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) in front of Thanos. Unfortunately, Ronan doesn't have Loki's patience with middlemen; the Kree snaps the servant's neck in order to grab the Mad Titan's attention, effectively ending Denisof's MCU run in the process. 

When he's not serving Thanos, Alexis Denisof is busy acting in some of your favorite shows

Have no fear. While Alexis Denisof may no longer be representing intergalactic tyrants in the MCU, the actor is still performing in some high-profile projects. In fact, there's a strong chance he's acted in at least one of your favorite franchises.

The actor's time with Marvel isn't the only time he's dipped his toes in the superhero well. From "Batman Beyond" to "Justice League Unlimited," Denisof has offered his voice for several DC animated projects. A fan of "How I Met Your Mother"? Then Denisof's face should look very familiar since he plays everyone's favorite news anchor Sandy Rivers, a role he'd return to in Hulu's short-lived "How I Met Your Father."

And, of course, it would be a total crime to talk about Denisof's career without bringing up his most notable role, the one and only Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. First joining the cast of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in 1999 during the show's third season as the soft-spoken British Watcher, Pryce would cement himself as a main character in the spinoff series "Angel," with Denisof appearing in over 100 episodes.