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Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell Has A Hilarious Detail & It's Making Twitter Explode

Sam Raimi is one of the greatest — and goofiest — horror directors of all time. Though he's best known amongst comic book fans for his "Spider-Man" trilogy (he recently met with Marvel to chat about "Spider-Man 4"), the maverick filmmaker has countless horror gems under his belt. Perhaps his most underrated effort is 2009's cruel, mean-spirited, but devilishly delightful "Drag Me to Hell," which is going viral on X, formerly known as Twitter, thanks to a hilarious detail. 


The moment, which sees the film's protagonist Christine (Alison Lohman) stabbing a cake with a fork, has fans going insane because of how huge the utensil is. It's easy to not think about how giant the fork is considering the moment's real driving force is the cake, which has a demonic evil eye attached to it. "How the hell did I miss [this] and I have seen this movie more than once," asked user @nickSultana. "The hilarious use of a practically large folk that makes it almost look like an extreme low, wide angle is pure movie magic," wrote @joshstifter

"you gotta love sam raimi for his classic approach of 'what if i did a three stooges type movie but also made it gorey horror,'" said @FatTony_txt. While the film wasn't exactly billed as a horror comedy, it's filled with moments of glee and genuine buffoonery, making it a comedic cult classic. This brief moment is the just the latest scene from "Drag Me to Hell" to get fans laughing every time

Drag Me to Hell is getting tons of love on Twitter

The viral moment from "Drag Me to Hell" has some viewers reevaluating the film, which many haven't seen in years. "I genuinely don't remember this movie being this camp. this [expletive] terrified me as a ten year old," exclaimed @uceystan. "Drag Me to Hell" was a relatively mild hit in 2009, but it has since exploded in popularity, emerging as a major cult hit. The film follows Christine (Lohman), a loan officer who decides not to renew an old woman's (Lorna Raver) mortgage. Upset, the woman places a curse on Christine, which will send her to the depths of hell. 

The fork scene has caused quite the love fest on Twitter, with many praising Sam Raimi's direction and creative choices. "Drag Me to Hell doesn't get enough recognition for what a great bit of talent and craftsmanship it was," mused @cinabuu. "I think the whole cast and crew performed so well that it can be hard to appreciate the first time watching," the user added. 

Some, like @shanniepanties_, are also acknowledging how the film strategically positions itself as a horror movie before unveiling itself as a comedy. "took me the whole movie to realize it was all a joke," they wrote. "Ok the fact this movie is SUPPOSED TO BE scary but ends up being CAMP makes it SO MUCH ENJOYABLE!" added @ji66y, offering a different point of view. With all the love the film is getting, let's hope Raimi gets a chance to cook up a "Drag Me to Hell" sequel