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Superman Set Footage May Have Spoiled The Debut Of DC's Goodest Sidekick

The DC Universe is on its way to screens big and small, with its first theatrical offering officially in production. Director James Gunn's "Superman: Legacy" is coming to fruition, featuring David Corenswet as the fan-dividing Clark Kent/the Man of Steel himself, alongside a litany of supporting DC Comics civilian favorites, dastardly villains, and fellow heroes. For the most part, Gunn and DC Studios at large haven't shied away from keeping fans in the loop, confirming and denying rumors and letting the public know about all the latest happenings. And it now appears that Gunn may have followed up on previous hints that he wants Krypto the Superdog in the DCU.

As seen in footage posted by @DCUPRIMETV, and in images from the likes of @clevelanddotcom and @DCFilmNews on X, formerly known as Twitter, Krypto is likely in "Superman: Legacy." The leaks clearly show Mr. Terrific (Edi Gathegi, who got jacked for the role) running frantically through the streets with what appears to be a box of Milk-Bone dog treats in hand. He's also jumping and pointing toward the sky, indicating that this specific scene may involve him trying to teach or at least convince Krypto to fly. Sadly, the good boy himself isn't seen, so assuming he is supposed to be in this scene, it stands to reason he'll be rendered using CGI.

Krypto's comic book history is extensive, to say the least, so he could factor into "Superman: Legacy" in a variety of ways.

How could Krypto fit into Superman: Legacy?

Krypto's DC Comics history dates back to the 1950s, where he was introduced in the pages of "Adventure Comics" #210. A Kryptonian himself, most versions of Krypto boast a similar set of abilities to Superman and Supergirl. Flight, heat vision, super speed, heightened senses, and more are in his arsenal, with some variations of the character even having a human-like level of intellect. He's typically presented as the House of El's family pet, who's sent out into space by Jor-El before crash landing on Earth, where he reunites with Kal-El and joins him in a life of crime-fighting.

So, how could Krypto fit into the story of "Superman: Legacy?" First and foremost is the idea that he's a mere supporting player who accompanies Superman on his adventure. Perhaps he's been by his side since his teenage years, like the Earth-One version of the character, so they already have a close bond but are only now beginning to find their footing as superheroes. Then again, maybe Krypto arrives on Earth during the film's events, leading him on a mission to find Kal-El after some time away. This might explain why Mr. Terrific is egging him on to fly, as he's trying to help Superman train the dog to control his Kryptonian abilities and use them for good.

Regardless of how Gunn explains his presence, assuming he's in the film, it'll be great to see Krypto on the big screen in a live-action Superman movie. "Superman: Legacy" soars into theaters on July 11, 2025.