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Walker's Jared Padalecki Slams The CW: 'F**k It. They Can't Fire Me Again'

The CW's "Walker" was canceled after four seasons, and lead star Jared Padalecki isn't a fan of the network's new creative direction. The actor got candid about the changes in an interview with Variety, revealing that the company's new ownership is focusing its resources on producing cheap and easy content — and Padalecki isn't impressed by it.

"They're just changing the network around, where it's not really going to be a TV network as much as it's going to be, 'Here's something fun for an hour that you'll never watch again, but hopefully you watch it. And it's cheap!' And I hate to say that, but I'm just being honest. I mean, f**k it. They can't fire me again. I'm just being brutally honest."

Padalecki cited the CW's "Scrabble" and "Trivial Pursuit" game shows as examples of the new direction the network is going in, noting that it isn't the same entity he started working with over 20 years ago. Furthermore, now that "Walker" is coming to an end, Padalecki's future as an actor is uncertain.

Jared Padalecki is feeling 'disillusioned' with the entertainment industry

Fans have watched Jared Padalecki go from playing a kid on "Gilmore Girls" to becoming a TV dad. He also portrayed Sam Winchester on "Supernatural" for 15 seasons, which was no small feat. He's been working nonstop for over two decades, so its understand that he might want to take a step back. While speaking to TVLine, Padalecki said that he's lost some of his passion for the industry, and he needs time to figure things out before making his next move.

"[I'm] a little disillusioned about the state of the industry that I've loved and been employed with for 24 years," he said. "So I have a lot of thinking to do, and I have a lot of time to be with my wife and our kids, my friends, and think about where this industry is."

It isn't all doom and gloom, though. While Padalecki is fed up with Hollywood right now, he's open to joining some of his old "Supernatural" cohorts on "The Boys." The ultra-violent Amazon Studios series was spearheaded by "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke and features several cast members from the hit horror series, including his on-screen brother (Jensen Ackles) and father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who many fans would love to see him reunited with. Padalecki says that he'd join "The Boys" under one condition, but it remains to be seen if his demand will be met — or if he's still interested in joing the superhero saga.