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Can Jedi Fly?

The Jedi and Sith are among the most powerful beings in the entire "Star Wars" universe, thanks almost exclusively to their ties to the Force. Their special connection to this element of the galaxy far, far away affords them a range of abilities most could only dream of. They can move objects with their minds alone, influence the thoughts and actions of others, and even sense impending danger. However, there are some limitations to what the Force can allow both light and dark side-users to do. First and foremost is their inability to fly.

On paper, one might think that Force-users can manipulate the air around them, thus allowing them to fly. In reality, up to this point in the current "Star Wars" canon, neither Jedi nor Sith have been shown to fly in a traditional, Superman-like sense. "Star Wars" fans on platforms such as Reddit and the Jedi Council Forums have discussed why this is at length, coming up with a pretty reasonable consensus. "We know Jedi can leap great distances...but can't actually 'fly', presumably because the effort in maintaining persistent flight over a long distance would be too great," Redditor u/cunningmunki summarized, explaining that the physical exertion needed to use the Force in such an intense and consistent way is just impractical.

Considering the draining and concentration-heavy nature of hypothetical Force flight, it stands to reason that most fans will be seeing high jumps and levitation à la Jedi Master Torbin (Dean-Charles Chapman) on the fan-dividing Disney+ series "The Acolyte." Not to mention, Force flight could have an adverse effect on storytelling as well if it were introduced.

Force flight could cause some storytelling hiccups

As the "Star Wars" saga has expanded, so have the abilities one can master through the use of the Force. While there have been some game-changers put on display, such as Force projection and Force healing, there hasn't been anything that has proven too difficult to write around. If Force flight was introduced, however, it could become something of a storytelling obstacle. Basically, if all Jedi and Sith are capable of flight with the proper training, then why wouldn't they use it in every scenario imaginable?

Using Force speed as an example of such phenomena, Redditor u/Ozzdo commented, "Why establish a pretty significant power set for the Jedi, then never let them use it when it would have mattered? You cold argue that it would have been an easy out, much less dramatic story-wise...but then why introduce it at all, then?" While Force flight could make for a cool moment, it might be best left off the table if common sense dictates it could be utilized in numerous subsequent moments. Another Reddit user brought up the same point, adding that if flight is the norm for Jedi and Sith, all of their fights become airborne, which can be taxing to depict in a movie or TV show.

Jedi and Sith alike are on power levels near-unmatched in the "Star Wars" universe. Perhaps, for the sake of future stories, Force flight shouldn't be thoroughly explored. Instead, why not tackle some of the established things about the Force that make no sense?