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AI Revealed What Futurama Looks Like In Real Life In This Wild Retro Trailer

Good news, everyone! Well, if you're into the whole AI thing, that is. After sending "The Simpsons" back to the 1950s by way of a super creepy trailer that includes an unsettling Ned Flanders, YouTube user demonflyingfox is back at it again, only this time giving Fry and the rest of the "Futurama" crew the same treatment. Bringing the iconic sci-fi comedy series into an alternate reality, signature characters are given an almost lifelike appearance, albeit with eyes that can't sit still and mouths trying to enunciate absolute gibberish (kind of like the original show, then?)

Accompanied once again by Nameless Vintage Voiceover Man, the trailer gives us almost real examples of Fry and Leela that look more akin to the "Fallout" series than "Futurama." The real highlights are the various designs used for Bender, Zoidberg and The Robot Devil, whose iconic looks are adapted here in a slightly horrifying fashion. If anything, the designs on show are actually in line with the kind of style Matt Groening was always aiming for when he sent Fry into the world of tomorrow.

Futurama was inspired by pivotal elements from the past

It makes sense that the AI iteration of "Futurama" looks how it does, given that the original show's aesthetic is heavily inspired from elements from bygone eras. For example, the show's title comes from the General Motors exhibit from the 1939 World's Fair. Even the outfits on "Futurama" mean more than you think, with Fry's red jacket and white shirt being a nod to James Dean in the 1955 film "Rebel Without A Cause." 

Then there's the show's most beloved blackjack-loving bending robot, Bender, who, along with much of the transportation and vehicles on "Futurama," feel taken right out of 1950s and 1960s science fiction. In regard to the robot himself, Bender's design can be traced back to "Startling Comics" #49, which features a robot that looks remarkably like Fry's best bud and cigar-loving nuisance. With that aerial and cylindrical head, it's hard not to see the sparkling resemblance. Ultimately, in the case of this AI trailer, it might look to be taking from the 1950s, but "Futurama" was always lightyears ahead doing the same thing, and it's become a timeless gem of television by doing so. 

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