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The One Thing Kim Kardashian Won't Do For A Movie Or TV Role

Kim Kardashian will apparently do a lot of things for an acting role, but in the words of Meat Loaf, she won't do that ... "that" being radically change her body for a project.

During the June 20 episode of the reality star's current show "The Kardashians," the second-eldest daughter of this questionably illustrious family said that she has realistic expectations about her future as an actor. "I can do a movie a year, I've got about 10 years where I still look good, so that's all I've got in me and then I'll take some time off ... That's my 10-year plan," Kardashian says in a confessional — and as she tells friends in the same episode, she's aware of the physical challenges involved and even intimidated by some of them.

"I feel like you need less Botox for more emotion and I don't have it," Kardashian tells a group of close cohorts. "I'm not gonna be gaining 500 [pounds] for a role... that's not where I need to be. How am I gonna cry? How am I gonna be scared out of my mind?"

As Kardashian explains to her friends, becoming an actor wasn't her original plan, but it's helping her branch out creatively. "I wasn't planning on this career and was like, I'm not gonna get ahead of myself here," she says. "I'm really nervous about it 'cause I have to f***ing deliver. It's such a challenge for me and I want to welcome a challenge, and I'm like, every year I want to do something that makes me so uncomfortable that I really have to challenge myself."

Kim Kardashian's acting career has ... yielded mixed results

Aside from her long-time and illustrious career as a reality star — first with E!'s hit series "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and now with the new iteration on Hulu — Kim Kardashian has, without a doubt, proven that she's perfectly comfortable in front of a camera. Still, living out your life for a reality show and performing as an actor are two very different things, but when prolific showrunner Ryan Murphy came calling and asked Kardashian to join an installment of his anthology series "American Horror Story" — a process that's also shown on "The Kardashians" — she jumped at the chance.

After appearing in lackluster projects like 2008's parody "Disaster Movie" and the campy 2013 film "Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor," Kardashian finally found her groove as cutthroat publicist Siobhan Corbyn in "American Horror Story: Delicate." As the PR agent to Emma Watson's rising star Anna Victoria Alcott, Kardashian seems to have quite a lot of fun playing the vicious Siobhan, who knows more about the frightening occurences in Anna's life than she initially reveals. With that in mind, it's actually not all that surprising that, in 2023, Deadline reported that Murphy and Kardashian would team up again on a series about a law firm run entirely by women, which will feature Kardashian in a leading role as well as an executive producer.

Does Kim Kardashian have any upcoming film or TV projects

In the same episode, titled "Baby Rocky" (referring to the birth of her older sister Kourtney's baby with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker), Kim Kardashian also reveals to her friends that she successfully sold a comedy written by Paula Pell ("Girls5Eva," "Saturday Night Live") and her wife Janine Brito, which will star Kardashian (who also is set to produce the movie). Described by the reality star and actress as a mix of movies like "The Hangover," "Bridesmaids," and "First Wives Club," Kardashian tells her friends of the opportunity, "If it happens and it works out, I will feel really accomplished and feel really fulfilled, but who knows? This is just new to me, I'm a little bit green to this." (The project was confirmed by outlets like Deadline in late 2023, which revealed that the film sold to Netflix.)

In the episode of "The Kardashians," Kardashian said that while she was initially nervous to pitch an original project, studios called quickly with official offers ... but then she realized she was under pressure to provide something impressive. "The offers they're bringing my way, I'm like, 'You think I can do that? I can't do that,'" Kardashian tells her friends during an on-screen dinner. Separately, in another confessional, Kardashian frets, "How do they know I can do it? Now the pressure's on because I'm like, 'Oh s—, this is happening,' I'm tripping the f— out low key because I have to really do this and I have to deliver."

"The Kardashians" and "American Horror Story: Delicate are both streaming on Hulu now.