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Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2: The Real Reason Kevin Costner Quit

Kevin Costner announcing that he won't be part of "Yellowstone" Season 5, Part 2 confirmed what most of us already knew. At the same time, hope is a hell of a drug, and many fans held out hope that John Dutton might return for one last ride, especially considering that the show will end after this season. Unfortunately, that doesn't look likely, as Costner has shared more details on his decision to part ways with Taylor Sheridan's neo-Western drama.

"It was just time to move on and as gracefully as you can with something that's been very important to you," Costner told Extra, suggesting that he wanted to leave the show without creating a fuss about it. Don't expect any details about how Dutton's story would have ended if the actor did return, as Costner noted that no one told him.

Costner's "Yellowstone" exit drama has been well-documented, with creative disputes, scheduling conflicts, and legal troubles seemingly preventing him from reprising his role for Season 5, Part 2. These behind-the-scenes issues also factored into his decision to call it quits.

Kevin Costner was tired of the Yellowstone drama

Kevin Costner's behind-the-scenes disputes with the "Yellowstone" creators have been the source of much speculation. As such, some of the more positive talking points in relation to Season 5, Part 2 have been overshadowed, and Costner doesn't want to be a distraction.

"I gave this thing five seasons," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "I was really happy to do it. And I don't need drama. So, let's just take that drama away, let's take the guessing [away]. The fans have been way too good to me. And my obligation is to go on and continue to make things that mean something to them."

Since parting ways with "Yellowstone," Costner has shifted his attention back to directing and starring in his own passion projects. "Horizon: An American Saga" might not be a critical hit thus far, but the epic Western will probably appeal to "Yellowstone" viewers who appreciate the actor as an on-screen cowboy. It might not be the same as giving John Dutton a definitive goodbye, but at least Costner is keeping himself busy.